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SmithConnect is our online alumni network that allows you to expand your professional network and connect with alumni, faculty, staff and students of Smith School of Business. SmithConnect members have the ability to help or mentor students and fellow alumni, post jobs and internships, and also have access to the Business Directory to support Smith entrepreneurs.

You can sign up in less than a minute with Linkedin or Facebook. You can also log in and create a profile with your email.

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Set up or adjust your existing profile to show the network you are willing to help. You choose the level of engagement — whether you’re offering advice, open to participating in a virtual coffee chat, making introductions to your connections or mentoring students or fellow alumni. If you are interested in more in-depth mentorship opportunities, please contact the Career Advancement Centre.

Jobs and Internships

Post your jobs and internships for students and alumni on SmithConnect in minutes.

The Career Advancement Centre is also happy to discuss your hiring or internship needs. If you are not directly involved in the hiring process for your company, please reach out to discuss connecting us to your HR department.

Business Directory

Promote your business or support Smith entrepreneurs! For entrepreneurs, the Business Directory gives you an exclusive space within our engaged network of nearly 10,000 users to promote your business.

For alumni who want to support Smith entrepreneurs, search the directory for business and services you can use.

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