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Smith Alumni Chapters

The growing network of Smith Alumni Chapters present a variety of events and activities for Smith alumni. Events focus primarily on professional development and networking opportunities, and often feature top-notch speakers and panelists from the ranks of our own alumni, as well as the broader business world. Our Alumni Chapters are led by a team of volunteer alumni executives, and they host multiple events throughout the year.

Join an Alumni Chapter

Alumni interested in joining a Smith Alumni Chapter Executive Team can connect with current Chapter executives at events or email for more information.

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China Chapter

Executive Team: (from left to right) Stephen Zheng, MIB'18, Laureen Hu, BCom'16, Bella Qiao, MFin Beijing'19, Ruihang Wang, MFin Beijing'19 (President), Lihong Kang, MFin Beijing'19, Yan Zhang, MFin Beijing'19, Jianpeng Ma, MFin Beijing'19

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Calgary Chapter

The Calgary Chapter is led by executives Connor O’Shea, EMBAA’17 (President), Tamara McGillivary, AMBA’06, and Arlo Sutherland, EMBAA’21.

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Ottawa Chapter

The Ottawa Chapter is led by an Executive Committee comprised of Nilufer Erdebil, MBA'03 (President); Doug Lai, BCom'15 (Vice President); Kevin Horseman, MBA'01; Amy Beith, AMBA'14; and Warren Weiss, AMBA’22.

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Toronto Chapter

The Toronto Chapter is led by executives Alexandra Boasie, MSc’12, EMBA’19, Katherine Wong Too Yen, BCom’12, Jamie Lavin, MBA’22, and Karan Cheema, MIB’20.

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Vancouver Chapter

The Vancouver Chapter is led by executives Shirley Chiang, MMIE’22, Phil DeSerres, MBA'12, Amy Martin, MBA’19, and Megan Mackay, MBA’20.

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Analytics & AI Chapter

Our mandate is to connect alumni and current students working in or hoping to work in the Analytics and AI space through events, enabling us to stay in touch and network within the analytics and AI communities. We also provide both formal and informal mentorship opportunities to support our alumni in our professional development and growth.

The Analytics and AI Chapter is led by: Craig O’Connor, MMA’20, Julia McKeown, BCom’18, Mathew Duffy, MMA’15, Sammy Steiman, MMA’20, and Usman Janvekar, MMIE’19, MMA’22.