Full-time MBA Student Ambassadors

We encourage you to connect with a member of our current class to find out more about the Full-time MBA experience. Take a moment to browse the profiles of a number of this year's students and then direct inquiries directly to one member or general inquiries to the group and someone will respond within 2 business days.

Alex Marshall
Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Andrew  Lue
Management Consulting
Anirudh Saksena
Management Consulting
Brett Larson
Carolina Quesada
Chloe O'Brien
Thinking, Strategy & Innovation Consulting
Dagmar Christianson
Consulting and Healthcare Tech
Daniel  Ojeda Rosales
Engineering & Operations
Deep Datta
Technology, Consulting
Girish Thakur
Operations Management
Joanna Bitharas
Healthcare/Pharma, Consulting
Julie Ioffe
Macroeconomic Strategy
Martine Empson
Consulting, Finance, Digital Transformation
Matt Delich
Megan Lukan
Michael  Parker
Sport Management
Paul Joseph
Prateek Bansal
Product Management/Consulting
Rabia  Randhawa
Consulting/Finance/Real Estate
Remi  Ojo
Technology/Data Analytics
Shane Liquornik
Law and Management
Tannor  Pilatzke
Management Consulting
Tanya Sahani
Marketing/Digital Transformation
Umang  Jain
Data Analytics/Consulting