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A life-changing experience

Posted By: Ian McCarter on December 11, 2018

It is hard to believe that December is already here and the dream Smith MBA year is nearly finished! When I was first thinking about doing an MBA, I said to myself that I wanted to do an MBA for “the people”, whatever that meant. Well I can now confidently proclaim that I have found the incredibly intelligent, compassionate and fun “people” I was looking for in the Smith MBA class of 2019.

Leaps of Faith: How Neeraja Ramjee went from coding to consulting — and acting — in New York City

Posted By: Hailey Eisen on September 24, 2018

Neeraja Ramjee, MBA'07, had never left her home country of India when before she saved up enough money to take an MBA program at Smith School of Business. It’s one of the many “leaps of faith” she’s taken on a career that has led her to a management consulting gig in New York City, and pursuing her passion as a television and stage actor.

Who’s Afraid Of The Strategic Consumer?

Posted By: Alan Morantz on August 09, 2018

Consumers may rail against loyalty program restrictions, but they also love loyalty programs. We all know someone who goes on “mileage runs” or “mattress runs” — boosting their flight or hotel reservations in order to attain the benefits that come from premium status. So when firms are brave enough to overhaul how they award loyalty points and status, they are sure to generate plenty of shade.

The Smith alumni network: Value that can’t be found anywhere else

Posted By: Michael Deeks, MBA'18 on July 20, 2018

Toronto is roughly 2.5 hours by train from Kingston. In preparation of the program’s semi-regular recruiting trips to the GTA, I would make 1-to-2 train trips per week, to-and-from Toronto so I could benefit from discussions with members one of Canada’s most diverse MBA networks.

Building a career development toolkit

Posted By: Queen's MBA on June 18, 2018

For many Olympic athletes, making the transition out of sport can be difficult. “It’s a huge mind shift going from ‘OK, my goal is to win a gold medal at the Olympics in four years’ to ‘what now?'” explains two-time Olympic sailor Greg Douglas.