Teaching/Learning Approaches

At Smith School of Business, we are not wedded to a single teaching or learning style. We choose to utilize a blended style, using the most effective way to teach specific material. By leveraging the power of several teaching styles, we have created an approach that is unique, innovative and effective.

The Full-time MBA program utilizes the following approaches.

The Case Method

At Smith School of Business, case studies are used extensively, but not exclusively. We believe the Case Method to be a very effective tool as part of our blended approach. Case studies provide the opportunity for students to analyze and resolve a vast array of real business issues and opportunities.

Team-Based Learning

Smith School of Business has been a world leader in the advancement of team based learning, and all of our MBA programs are team-based. While most schools talk about team-based learning, they are often referring to group work – a very different concept. Smith has taken the concept of team-based learning to a level of sophistication not found in other programs.

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Class Instruction and Discussion

We believe that classroom instruction accompanied by high energy discussion is a very effective way to learn frameworks, tools and techniques that can then be applied to projects and case studies. The regional and international diversity within the classroom creates a broad perspective and richness to these discussions.

Experiential Learning

There is no better way to learn than by actually "doing" what you are learning. For that reason, the Full-time MBA offers numerous opportunities for experiential learning.

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Real-World Business Projects

The Full-time MBA program includes the opportunity to complete two major business projects - The Management Consulting Project which is part of the Management Consulting elective stream, and the New Venture Project, which is part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship elective stream. These highly practical experiences provide an excellent opportunity to put your learning to good use in a real-world setting.

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For subject matter that does not easily lend itself to the "learning by doing" method, the Full-time MBA program utilizes a number of innovative simulations to create challenging learning experiences for our students.