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Program Structure

Our modern curriculum features relevant courses that align with employer needs. Through specializations including Digital Transformation and Management Analytics, you will gain a broad understanding of the global business environment and be equipped to handle today’s business challenges. Our integrated approach to teaching encompasses a variety of methodologies. This will allow you to develop a full understanding of business functions applicable to any industry.

The curriculum for the Queen’s MBA is very flexible and can be built to meet your career goals. There are two modules – the Foundations Level, which provides an overview of business fundamentals, and Mastery, which enables you to choose an area of specialization. Upon completion of the MBA, you may then choose to advance to the Expert level by pursuing a second Master’s degree.

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A January Start Date

Our new program will start in January. What does this mean for you? It means that you will:

  • Be among the first MBA graduates into the job market
  • Have more time to prepare for job interviews in the fall
  • Have a broader selection of international exchange opportunities
  • Be able to offer employers flexibility in your starting date
  • Have the opportunity to participate in internship opportunities the following January
  • Be able to take advantage of 16-month dual degree opportunities


Foundations Level (First 6 Months)
The Foundations curriculum is comprised of 13 courses plus an integrative project that runs through the entire six months.
  • Business Analytics
  • Business, Government and Global Economy
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Leading with Integrity
  • Managing Human Capital New
  • Managing Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Operations
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Strategy
  • Advanced Portfolio Management
  • Analytical Decision Making
  • Consulting
  • Consumer Focused Marketing
  • Creating & Executing Market-Based Strategy
  • Corporate Valuation & Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Decision-making in Competitive Environments New
  • Digital Execution New
  • Digital Transformation New
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    in Organizations New
  • Dynamic Strategy Analysis New
  • Financial Technology & Innovation
  • Finance Strategy
  • Financing of New Ventures
  • Global Strategy
  • Health and Public Policy
  • Individual Project Course
  • Management Accounting
  • Managing Agile Projects
  • New Venture Management
  • Organizational Intelligence
    & Strategy New
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Service Operations
  • Strategy Implementation & Change
  • Text Analytics New
  • Tri-Colour Venture Fund
Mastery Level (Second 6 Months)
For the Mastery module, students complete a series of core courses and elective courses. Those who choose to pursue a specialization will earn a Queen’s MBA and a Graduate Certificate in one of the following areas: Consulting, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Management Analytics or Marketing & Sales.
Those who decide not to specialize may complete the General Management option. This option requires students to choose elective courses in a variety of different areas. Learn more about the specializations available to you.
Expert Level (Double Degree)
The Expert Level enables you to apply some of your MBA credits to a second Queen’s Master’s degree.

Students completing Foundations, Specialization and Expert earn a Queen’s MBA and an additional Master’s degree

Optional Courses

Certificate in Social Impact

In addition to the mandatory course in Corporate Social Responsibility, this Certificate requires a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer outreach activities, attendance at a responsible leadership related conference, additional readings, and exposure to additional responsible leadership concepts through either completing a consulting project, or by planning and hosting a responsible leadership workshop/speaker event.

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Pre-MBA Warm-Up

Smith School of Business is pleased to offer pre-MBA "warm-up" sessions in five quantitative areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Data Manipulation

These not-for-credit one-day sessions are offered to incoming students before the MBA program begins. These sessions are optional, and you may enroll in any or all of them. At a cost of $200 per session, they represent an excellent opportunity to ease your transition into the program. You may register for these sessions when you sign back your offer of admission.

Professional Designations

While in the program, you may choose to begin working on any of these professional designations.

CFA logo

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Those interested in pursuing their CFA designation have access to CFA resources, sample exams, networking opportunities as well as CFA scholarships that cover the cost of the membership and provide a discount toward the cost of writing the Level 1 Exam.

PMP logo

Project Management Professional (PMP)

The Project Management Institute recognizes the Project Management elective course offered in our Consulting stream as the required contact hours a student needs to be eligible to write the PMP exam. See our website for more details.

CMC logo

Certified Management Consultant

In addition to completing the required course, a total of 3600 hours of consulting experience is required to qualify for the CMC designation. Students may submit experience gained through the Queen's MBA program towards this requirement.