Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  1. How long is the program?
    12 months full-time.

  2. When does the program start?
    The program starts in January every year.

  3. Is the program accredited?
    Yes! Smith School of Business is fully accredited by the world’s two leading accreditation bodies: the AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), and EQUIS through the European foundation for Management Development.

    • EQUIS (the European Quality Improvement System)
    • AACSB (the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business)
  4. Is there an application deadline?
    See Application Deadlines.

  5. Is the program offered part-time or through distance learning?
    No, our full-time MBA program requires you to attend full-time in our Queen's Campus in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    Smith School of Business has a variety of MBA programs that can be completed through videoconferencing while you work - that embody our key strengths of team learning and personal coaching. We offer the Executive MBA Americas, the Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates and the Executive MBA. For more information on these programs, please click on the associated link.

  6. What percentage of your class is International (i.e. is neither a Canadian citizen nor possesses permanent residency in Canada)?
    Canadian Citizens: 57%
    International: 43%
    Nationalities Represented: 10
    (class of 2019)

  7. What percentage of your class is female?
    37% (class of 2019)

  8. How do you to decide what team to put me in?
    We assemble our teams on the basis of diversity. You will find that your team profile will feature a healthy representation of disparate educational, work experience, age, gender and cultural backgrounds.

  9. Why am I not permitted to switch teams during the program?
    In a workplace setting, you rarely have the opportunity to choose who you will work with; as the Program strives to emulate the look and feel of a corporate environment, we have also adopted this rationale.

  10. What if I cannot get along with one of my teammates?
    At the outset of the program, you will gain valuable team-building skills to help you overcome any challenges that you face along the way. A team coach is assigned to each team for the duration of the program to ensure the high performance of all teams.

  11. Are students required to have a laptop?
    Yes. Students will be expected to have a laptop that meets the minimum requirements as outlined by our IT staff prior to the beginning of the program.

  12. Where is Kingston, Ontario?
    Kingston – affectionately known as the Limestone City – is located in Southeastern Ontario, a 2.5-hour drive from both Toronto and Montreal, a 2-hour drive from Ottawa and a 6-hour drive from New York City. Learn more about Kingston.