Fall Program Delivery & Services: visit the Smith info page for updates regarding the reopening of the University in Fall 2021.

How the Program Works

As part of our COVID-19 response, this EMBA Americas program is currently being delivered fully in Smith’s remote learning format for the class of 2021.

The class of 2022, beginning in late June, will complete their opening session via Smith’s remote learning format. We will add a residential session from October 23 to October 29 in Kingston and Ithaca which will focus on team development, networking and include live classes.

A Truly International Experience

While most executive MBA programs draw their participants from a single city or region, the Executive MBA Americas program draws participants from across Canada, the United States and Latin America. This creates a broader perspective for class discussions and a far more enriching learning environment. This international scope is made possible by our unique and innovative approach to teaching.

Team-Based Learning

We believe very strongly in team-based learning because it mirrors today's progressive work place. Learning teams are formed at the beginning of the program and remain together for the duration. Teams function just as they would in the workplace, drawing on the skills and experience of each team member. Dedicated team coaches work closely with the teams, assisting with team-building and team performance. Learn more


Residential Sessions

During the program there are three residential sessions.

  • Opening Session (2-weeks)
  • Business Venturing Session in early February (2-weeks)
  • Global Business Session the following fall (1-week)

For the first and third sessions, class time is split evenly between the Smith School of Business and the Cornell campus. Transportation between the two campuses is included in your program fees. The location of the second session varies from year to year.

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Interactive Boardroom Sessions in Your Home City

The balance of your class time is spent in your Boardroom Learning Centre, conveniently located in your home city. These class sessions are held all day Saturday and Sunday morning, every other weekend.

Classes are delivered via real-time, interactive videoconference technology – a learning technology that Smith has been utilizing and perfecting for more than 15 years.

The Boardroom Learning approach also provides tremendous flexibility. The program is offered in major cities across Canada, the United States and Latin America. This means that when business takes you on the road, you may be able to attend class in the city you are visiting and, should you be required to relocate during the program, you may be able to join a team in your destination city.

Electronic Community

The program provides a customized electronic network used to communicate with professors and your classmates outside of class. The network allows you to use your time more effectively. You will be able to download course notes, e-mail, chat or upload assignments from anywhere at any time. In the event that you have to miss a class, all classes are recorded and are made available for review on the program portal.