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All-Inclusive Program Fee

The Queen's MBA program fee includes program enrollment; all books, case materials and other instructional supplies; academic events like case competitions; and career related non-academic events, including executive coaching.

An initial deposit is required at the time of enrollment. The balance of the fee is paid in three installments during the program.

Fee Schedule (Class starting January, 2019)

Payment typeDue dateDomestic studentsInternational students
Deposit Upon Acceptance $5,000* $5,000*
First Instalment January 15, 2019 $22,666 $26,000
Second Instalment May 1, 2019 $27,667 $31,000
Third Instalment September 1, 2019 $27,667 $31,000
Total $83,000 CAD**
$93,000 CAD**


**Additionally, all students are required to pay Student Activity Fees of approximately $1500.00. These fees are assessed at the beginning of the program. International students will also be required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if they cannot provide evidence of equivalent coverage.

All Queen's University students are also required to pay The Student Assistance Levy. This will be approximately $100 for the year.

A person is classified as a Domestic Student if they have Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant status, permanent resident status or dual Canadian citizenship. Key information can be found at

Fees are subject to final approval from the Queen's Board of Trustees.

The True Cost of an MBA Program

When evaluating the true cost of an MBA program it is important to consider all costs, including tuition, student fees, learning materials, living expenses and lost wages while in the program.

Realize a Faster Return on Your Investment

Unlike most full-time MBA programs, you can earn your Queen’s MBA in only 12 months. This key Queen’s advantage greatly reduces your opportunity cost in lost wages and total expenses.

Reduced costs and improved job prospects make Queen’s MBA an excellent investment in yourself.