Videoconference Technology

Smith School of Business began experimenting with videoconference in the early 90’s as a means of creating a live, interactive learning experience to cities across Canada. In 1994, the National Executive MBA program was launched, with professors teaching from a broadcast studio on the Queen’s University campus and student teams in several Canadian cities. Since that time, the School has continued to improve both the technology and the teaching techniques to the point where many of our students find the experience to be seamless and, in many ways, superior to a traditional classroom. Today, there are two state-of–the-art broadcast studios at Smith School of Business.

In 2005, Smith formed a partnership with Cornell University, one of the eight U.S. Ivy League schools, to launch the Executive MBA Americas program, using the same technology. This program is currently offered in six Canadian cities, and more than 20 cities across the U.S. and Latin America.

In 2010, Smith used new technology called Desktop Learning to enable people living outside of these six Canadian cities to take the Executive MBA program from their home or office, with the same level of live, interactive connectivity.