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Fall 2022

Fall 2022


Sixteen days in March
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced children with cancer and their families to flee. Here’s how the Smith community rallied to help them get to safety and receive treatment in Canada
The work of play
In building one of North America’s largest adult sports leagues, Kristi Herold, BCom’93, made recreation her vocation. Now, thanks to a pandemic pivot and a whole lotta hustle, she’s bringing the fun to the corporate world
The future of food
Food innovators. Growers. Product developers and food trendologists. Meet some of the Smith alumni on the front lines of the food industry today.


Yield of dreams
Jenny Lemieux, MMAI’20, is using artificial intelligence to help fruit growers unearth the ultimate harvest
Dollars and sense
Royce Mendes, MFin’12, helps people understand the economy in an uncertain age
Suite success
Indu Brar, EMBA’18, has managed some of the world’s top luxury hotels
Space jam
Satellites. Space junk. Earth orbit has lots of stuff. Stewart Bain, EMBA’02, wants to make sure it doesn’t end in a big bang

My Other CV

Brad Gushue, AMBA’22
The Brier champ and Olympic curling gold medalist answers our questions


Ready and able
Why do companies so often avoid hiring people with disabilities?
What’s a stay interview?
Professor Matthias Spitzmuller on the power of asking employees why they want to stay with you
Why don’t we talk about social class?
Professor Michelle Lee delves into an often invisible, but crucial, dynamic at work
Leadership in 556 words
Professor Julian Barling unpacks leadership lessons from a famous (and short) speech
Hazy finance
A Smith researcher finds a new cost of pollution