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Ryan Blais

Ryan Blais, EMBA’22, says a lot of big changes have happened since wrapping up his EMBA, including buying out his business partners to take sole ownership of the digital marketing agency nine10 Incorporated, followed by a merger with Image Design and the acquisition of Elle Bell Sales Co. “I also became an uncle again and am happy to welcome Sawyer Blais, my little niece, into the family.”

Published in: Spring 2022
Byll Casilang

Byll Casilang, MIB’21, has landed a job as a media planner at Starcom in Norway, where he manages a client portfolio of local and international brands, such as Samsung and Peugeot. “The [MIB] program provided me with a unique experience, which allowed me to stand out during the interview process. It took me one week from my first round of interviews to receive an offer.” Byll adds that he’s taken up paddle tennis. “It’s fast-paced, fun and a good workout.”

Published in: Spring 2022
Lauren Delano
Lauren Delano, BCom’22, tells us she went on her first solo trip and spent three weeks exploring Australia, capping it all off by going skydiving. “It was the trip of a lifetime and a great graduation gift to myself!”
Published in: Fall 2022
Brenda Katwesigye Baganzi

Brenda Katwesigye Baganzi, MBA’22, tells us she is heading to Mastercard as an associate managing consultant. She continues to remain involved with her vision care and prescription eyewear company Wazi, which she co-founded in 2016 in Kampala, Uganda.

Published in: Spring 2022
Sathya Krishnamurthy
Sathya Krishnamurthy, MIB’22, visited more than 10 U.S. cities in three months, including Las Vegas (pictured). Sathya is also dedicating more time to producing content for her mental-health Instagram page @mindavinci.
Published in: Fall 2022
Ting Li, PhD'22, has joined Ivey Business School at Western University as a tenure track assistant professor in information systems. “Coming to Queen’s and studying under the guidance of the digital technology group at Smith is the best decision I have made in my academic career. I received strong and coherent support from my supervisor and dissertation committee during my doctoral study and job hunt,” she writes.
Published in: Fall 2022
Nicolle Sirisko, EMBA’22, and business partner Shayne McGregor of Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory launched AndThenIWasFree, anon-profit focused on addiction, mental health and LGBTQ2S+ support and education. Guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings and best practices in social work, the organization offers holistic programming, workshops, teachings, education and more.
Published in: Fall 2022
Cassandra Uhrich
Cassandra Uhrich, EMBA’22, and Mitchell Johnstone, MMAI’20, were married on June 25 in Canmore, Alta. They are living in Melbourne, Australia.
Published in: Fall 2022


Donata Bauer
Donata Bauer, MIB’21, tells us that before taking on post-graduation career opportunities, she spent six months backpacking and travelling to 13 countries. She recently completed a summer VC internship program based out of Dubai. She has now joined Accenture in Toronto as a strategy analyst. “This marks my cross-continental move from Europe to Canada,” she says. “Exciting 2022 so far.”
Published in: Fall 2022
Daniel Benjamin Jolic

Daniel Benjamin Jolic, BCom, says he’s been travelling around Yukon and northern B.C. while working as a transportation planner with the Yukon government. Daniel is returning to school this fall for his master in political management as the inaugural recipient of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Scholarship in Political Management at Carleton University.

Published in: Fall 2021