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Alejandro Abarca
We know how much our alumni love their pets, so earlier this year we ran a photo contest giveaway for some Smith swag. This picture of Alejandro Abarca, MFIT’23, and his Corgi Frisco was our winning entry. “Frisco was my steadfast companion through my entire academic program, offering unwavering support every step of the way,” Alejandro says.
Published in: Fall 2023
Eric Colonna
This summer, Eric Colonna, BCom’23, participated in Kingston Economic Development’s Summer Company. The Ontario government-funded program for entrepreneurs provides participants with hands-on business mentoring from local business leaders and up to $3,000. Eric’s business, Pick 6 Athletics, is a specialized training program for football players aged 8-19 that zeros in on speed and defensive back skills, bridging the gap between need and availability in the Kingston area. “Complementing my knowledge gained from Commerce, I’ve learned all of the essentials for starting a business in the Summer Company program,” he says.
Published in: Fall 2023
Daniel Ortiz Garcia, EMBAA’23, tells us he recently created a search fund, Nogal Capital, and is looking to acquire and run a company in Mexico. “This is a way of entrepreneurship through acquisition. I’d love to help others who might be interested in following a similar path,” he says. Daniel lives in Monterrey with his wife and two daughters. He says he loves spending time with his family and also plays the piano. “I’m terrible at it. My neighbours know this as well.”
Published in: Fall 2023
Nicholas Ponari, MFIT’23, is living in Montreal and has launched a startup, PulseAI. “We’re building an AI CFO to assist small businesses and new founders to manage their cash better, understand their financials and make better decisions,” he says. “We’re transforming the financial planning and analysis space.”
Published in: Fall 2023
Ian Yang, MFin’23, is chief of staff at a new venture called Gene Bio Medical, a health-care industry ecosystem partner dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of high-precision, low-cost and effective diagnostic technologies. “We are working to revolutionize the health-care industry and improve the lives of people around the world,” he says. Ian and his family live in Vancouver. He welcomed a daughter, Mikaela, in March.
Published in: Fall 2023


Jackie Aquino
Jackie Aquino, MFin’22, tells us he’s working as a finance director at Power Sustainable, a sustainable alternative asset manager investing in companies and projects with positive outcomes for the environment and society. In this role, Jackie oversees the finance and operations of the company’s recently launched global and European infrastructure credit platform. Jackie lives in Toronto with his wife Sheryll Anne and their three-year-old daughter Calie.
Published in: Fall 2023
Ryan Blais

Ryan Blais, EMBA’22, says a lot of big changes have happened since wrapping up his EMBA, including buying out his business partners to take sole ownership of the digital marketing agency nine10 Incorporated, followed by a merger with Image Design and the acquisition of Elle Bell Sales Co. “I also became an uncle again and am happy to welcome Sawyer Blais, my little niece, into the family.”

Published in: Spring 2022
Byll Casilang

Byll Casilang, MIB’21, has landed a job as a media planner at Starcom in Norway, where he manages a client portfolio of local and international brands, such as Samsung and Peugeot. “The [MIB] program provided me with a unique experience, which allowed me to stand out during the interview process. It took me one week from my first round of interviews to receive an offer.” Byll adds that he’s taken up paddle tennis. “It’s fast-paced, fun and a good workout.”

Published in: Spring 2022
Lauren Delano
Lauren Delano, BCom’22, tells us she went on her first solo trip and spent three weeks exploring Australia, capping it all off by going skydiving. “It was the trip of a lifetime and a great graduation gift to myself!”
Published in: Fall 2022
Alexander Dimopoulos
Alexander Dimopoulos, AMBA’22, married Alannah Sadler on July 29 in Edmonton. Alex says he’s grateful for Alannah’s love and support during the AMBA program.
Published in: Fall 2023