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Benoît Huot

Benoît Huot, EMBA’20, shares that he’s welcomed a new member to the family: Leo-Henri, born Aug. 24, 2022. Benoît lives in Montreal and says he’s “enjoying parental leave as a family for a few months.”

Published in: Spring 2023
Ika Janiszewski

Ika Janiszewski, MIB, is living in Spain and writes, “Excited to finish up my double degree at Esade in Barcelona with my fellow MIB colleagues Janane and Sakif (Janane Nagasivakumaran and Sakif Chowdhury, both MIB’20).

Published in: Fall 2021

Ika Janiszewski, MIB’20, says she helped organize the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada as the director of academics for JDCC 2022. The event brought together 300 student delegates virtually from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Published in: Spring 2022
Gaurav Kaushik
Gaurav Kaushik, MFin’20, married Neha Kaushik on April 20.
Published in: Fall 2022

David Kidane, MFin’20, is living in San Francisco and tells us that he started a new position as vice-president and models portfolio specialist with global asset manager and technology provider BlackRock.

Published in: Spring 2023

Sekhar Maddula, MMAI’20, is excited to share he recently joined NTT Data as a senior director (AI & integration), leading a team of PhDs and AI engineers. Sekhar lives in Bangalore, India and says a good thing to come from the pandemic has been the opportunity for him to enjoy some great times with his family.

Published in: Spring 2022

Alura McMorran, MIB’20, moved to Montpellier, France in 2020 to join the Mars Leadership Experience program at the Royal Canin headquarters. She is currently completing her second rotation in the pet owner experience and insights team, working in CRM. “I feel very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity at the start of a pandemic. I love the sea and sun, so being in the south of France is a great bonus!” Alura writes.

Published in: Spring 2022

Yama Mubtaker, MMIE, tells us he’s launched an online masterclass, Certified Sustainable Business Strategist, to train the new generation of business strategists and help companies become responsible and sustainable entities.

Published in: Spring 2021

Jasjeet Mushiana, EMBAA’20, has joined HCL-PowerObjects as a solution director, providing leadership and strategic guidance to the delivery team, driving strategic conversations with client C-suite leadership and managing client relationships. Since graduating, Jasjeet has completed 60 courses for a total of nine certificates from Cornell. Jasjeet has also lost 25 kilograms “thanks to intermittent fasting and keto. This thing actually works! Flip side: a huge wardrobe bill.”

Published in: Spring 2022

Janane Nagasivakumaran, MIB’20, has started a new job at Bell after completing her double-degree at Smith and ESADE. She lives in Toronto.

Published in: Spring 2022