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Fall 2023

Fall 2023


Force of nature
Kayla Kingdon-Bebb, BCom’07, Artsci’07, knew little about conservation when she first arrived in New Zealand in 2012. Eleven years on, she’s advocating for climate action and biodiversity protection as chief executive of WWF
How to build a better playground
Adam Bienenstock, EMBA’01, creates outdoor spaces that let kids be kids. His real goal: help children spend more time outdoors – feeling, climbing, jumping, running and discovering nature. Yes, there will be mud
Diana Matheson and Thomas Gilbert
How Project 8, created by soccer superstar Diana Matheson, EMBA’23, with her classmate Thomas Gilbert, EMBA’23, Artsci’15, is igniting a new era of professional women’s sport in Canada


Life and art transformed
Jenna Archer, MBA’16, began her career as an engineer. Then she discovered her creative passion
If you’re ever in Paris
Tiffany James, MIB’17, lets us in on some of her favourite spots in the city known for its food and fashion
A career in caring
In his work and life, Alain Mootoo, MMIE’18, aims to empower the overlooked and marginalized among us
Success with dress
Xenia Chen, BCom’14, never dreamed of starting her own business. Then she ran into a common problem with womenswear

My Other CV

The sweet life
In this issue, Karen Flavelle, BCom’79, of Purdys Chocolatier, answers our alternative resumé questions, from what she wanted to be when she grew up to her fav chocolate flavours


How to run a team debrief
Five steps to make sure your team is on track after a project
“So, tell me about yourself”
Every job interviewer asks this one question, and most of us mess up the answer. Here’s how to get it right
The real art of the deal
Professor Shai Dubey, Law’94, explains why negotiation isn’t the same as bargaining and why it’s a skill we can all use
Who has the time?
Ann Gomez, MBA’00, on how to be more productive at work and have a life outside the office, too