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Promoting responsible leadership


Can businesses help make society and the planet better? Members of the Council on Business & Society (CoBS) believe it can.

Earlier this year, Smith joined this alliance of leading international business schools that are using their collective reach to create and share knowledge on issues facing our world with current and future leaders who can help solve them.

CoBS produces a variety of editorial resources, from an online thought leadership platform and e-magazine to virtual master classes. All feature practical research and perspectives on the intersection of business and society.

CoBS not only relies on the expertise of partner-school faculty and corporate experts but students too. Recently, articles written by two Smith Commerce students — Marla MacInnis, BCom’23, and Brianna Cairns, BCom’23 — were featured as part of the council’s annual corporate social responsibility article competition alongside faculty research in CoBS’ Global Voice magazine.

MacInnis’s article, “The illusion of inclusion: How artificial intelligence can challenge the ‘business case’ for diversity,” explores how organizations can use AI to support their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. Cairns also examined AI in her article, “ChatGPT: The biggest disruptor to education since the calculator,” diving into the risks and opportunities that the chatbot presents to academia. Read their perspectives in the June issue of Global Voice at