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Rachel Huckle, MFin’21, was named CEO of Staples Canada in March. Rachel started with the office products firm in 2019 as chief retail officer. Before landing the chief executive job, she was president and chief operating officer.

Published in: Spring 2024

Tamara Jacobs, EMBA’21, says she recently joined the Ryerson University human resources team as manager of HR technology and will lead the digital transformation of the department. “It’s an exciting journey and a role that I have been aspiring to for some time. I am so grateful for the EMBA experience and the confidence it gave me to push forward! I am leaning into my training on high-performance team management and leadership to make this transformation a success!”

Published in: Spring 2022
Amanda Labadie

Amanda Labadie, MMIE’21, has started a new role as a senior project officer of service culture initiatives within the Service, Innovation, Integration branch of the Canada Revenue Agency. She lives in Montreal.

Published in: Spring 2023
Osman Naqvi, AMBA’21, has been working at Invest in Canada as an advisor in investor services since graduating from Smith. He tells us he recently shared his thoughts on how a business education can be used for social good as part of a TEDxYouth event at Walter Murray Collegiate in Saskatoon.
Published in: Fall 2023
Hang Nguyen, MBA’21, tells us the hard work, job searching and networking paid off and she’s joined consumer health-care company Haleon Canada as a category strategy manager. Prior to starting her new job, Hang enjoyed a trip to Quebec with her husband, where she caught up with her Full-time MBA class president Chris Jazzar, MBA’21, in Montreal.
Published in: Fall 2022

Gboyega Ojebiyi, MFIN’21, tells us he got a job as a financial analyst with Heartland Farm Mutual after graduation. “I have always wanted to work in the financial services industry in Canada,” he writes.

Published in: Spring 2022
Cicely Dickson

Cicely Dickson, EMBA, Artsci’12, and husband Graham welcomed a son, Charles Huck Dickson, on Jan. 11.

Published in: Fall 2021
Naanak Sodhi
Naanak Sodhi, MBA’21, met Simu Liu (left) at a Google event in Toronto in August. The Google senior account manager says he had the opportunity to ask the Canadian actor, who plays superhero Shang-Chi in Marvel’s film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, about his approach to building his career. “His insight in a nutshell was, ‘just put your head down and work,’ and ‘don’t say no to any opportunity.’ ”
Published in: Fall 2022
Chloe Staines

Chloe Staines, BCom’21, and Eloise McIntosh, BCom’21, have started Good Hood Club (, a charitable loungewear company committed to championing childhood cancer care, notably by donating 50 per cent of profits to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). Chloe says Good Hood Club was inspired by Eloise’s battle with cancer. Though Eloise is now cancer-free, Chloe says she “often faced bouts of severe discomfort, leading her to recognize the immense importance of physical comfort provided by what we wear.”

Published in: Spring 2022
Ami Trivedi

Ami Trivedi, MIB’21, started her own social media marketing agency, Fuzn (, after graduating. “Thanks to Smith I was able to find my passion for marketing while abroad in Germany during my double-degree at the University of Mannheim. Then, after moving back to Canada and finishing my Master of International Business courses, I felt ready and prepared to live out my dream of launching my own company.” Fuzn offers social media management- consulting and training services.

Published in: Spring 2022