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The MIB Experience

Award-Winning Faculty Team

To a large extent, the excellent reputation of Smith School of Business is due to the strength of its faculty. In Smith's Master of International Business program, you will be learning from an outstanding faculty team comprised of some of the best management educators in North America. Our faculty members have worked together to produce a curriculum that is both comprehensive and integrated.


Exceptional Academic Credentials

The professors who teach in the program include award-winning teachers, widely published researchers, and best-selling authors. They are experts at merging theory and application to guide students in the classroom and beyond. Using a blend of case studies, briefings, class discussions, and experiential learning, your professors will create a classroom experience that is energized and exciting.

Extensive Business Experience

In addition to their exceptional academic credentials, the program faculty has extensive business and consulting experience with some of the world’s leading organizations. This allows them to augment class material with relevant, real-world examples.

Committed to Your Success

The faculty at Smith School of Business is committed to your success, both academically and in your career. For that reason, you will find them very approachable and available to answer questions and provide assistance outside of class time. The Smith experience fosters close working relationships between faculty and students.

The Power of Teams

Understanding the Power of Teams

Smith's Master of International Business program utilizes an innovative approach to team-based learning that is far more advanced than that used in other Master programs.

We believe strongly in our team-based approach because it mirrors today’s progressive workplace. You will leave the program with a thorough understanding of the best practices for successful team-building and teamwork, well-prepared to be a valuable member of a high-performance team.

While other programs talk about “teamwork”, what they are actually referring to is “group work” – a very different concept. You will be assigned to a team for the core components of the program, and a significant portion of your overall grade is derived from teamwork. Team members collaborate on assignments, projects and presentations, drawing on the skills and experience of individual team members, greatly enhancing the learning experience.

Team-Based Consulting Project

Most notably, team members collaborate on a team-based consulting project that spans the duration of the program. Your team will choose from a list of project topics submitted by some of Smith's corporate partners, or you and your team may come up with a project that you can pitch to an organization; either way, your team will provide an organization with recommendations in exchange for the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how companies conduct business internationally.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the team-based project is that you will spend part of the program working alongside your team members here at Smith, but you will also spend a significant portion of time working in a virtual team environment, with your team members scattered across numerous countries and time zones.

We feel this project emulates the reality of working internationally, where many times your team will not be present physically in your location, and you must overcome time and cultural differences to complete the task.

Team Coaching and Support

A professional team Coach is available for every team. The Coach will monitor your team’s effectiveness throughout the core module and provide regular feedback and guidance that is pivotal to the learning process.

A great deal of time during the first week of the program is devoted to setting the tone for your learning team. You and your teammates will be led through a series of exercises designed to get acquainted, gain insight into each member’s preferred thinking style, formulate a team mission statement, develop group “norms”, and successfully conduct your first team meeting. You will be provided with proven processes and best practices for overcoming any obstacles that may arise during the year.

Developing Your Team and Leadership Skills

One of the greatest benefits of our team-based approach is the opportunity to develop your team and leadership skills – skills that are essential in business today. At Smith you don’t just learn about teamwork and leadership, you put them into practice every day. Each team member is given many opportunities to lead projects or contribute to projects led by other team members.

Learning Teams

Each learning team consists of 6-8 students. Teams are carefully assembled to maximize diversity of gender, academic experience, and cultural background – reflecting the reality of today’s working environment.

Meet our students

Powerful Alumni Network

When you graduate from Smith's Master of International Business, you will not only have established an invaluable network of classmates, you will also join the impressive Smith School of Business alumni network which numbers over 20,000 graduates around the world.

Alumni Symposium
Alumni Network

Our commitment to you continues long after graduation. You will be able to stay in close contact with Smith School of Business, your fellow alumni, and faculty in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Access to job opportunities through the Smith School of Business Career Advancement Centre
  • The ability to speak to faculty regarding issues and opportunities you may be facing in your career
  • Thought-provoking white papers and webinars
  • Class reunions and special networking events
  • Smith Business Club events in cities across Canada, as well as New York , London and Hong Kong
  • Free subscription to our alumni magazine

As a graduate of Smith School of Business, you also become part of a much larger family – the alumni network of Queen’s University, with over 166,000 individuals in 154 countries around the world. In addition to 4 chapters in the USA, Queen’s maintains active chapters in many other countries around the world.