Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a degree from Queen’s University or Renmin University?
You will receive a Queen’s Master of Finance degree. Renmin University will be awarding you a certificate when you complete the program in Beijing.

Since I only receive a degree from Queen’s, can I still benefit from Renmin’s reputation in China?
Yes, this partnership is a strong signal that Renmin University recognizes Queen’s University as being a top ranked university, as Renmin is itself. You will also be receiving a certificate from Renmin University to further support your degree and recognize your affiliation with Renmin University.

Do I need to have work experience to apply?
We will review your completed file and consider your education, work and volunteer experience and transcripts as a combined evaluation. If you do not have work experience, you are still encouraged to apply and we will review all other elements of your application.

I will not be receiving my TOEFL results or CFA results until the spring. Can I still apply now?
Yes, you are encouraged to begin your application now. Once you receive your results, you can submit them to us and we will review your file once it is complete. You will still be eligible to be considered for the class starting in September.

Is there a minimum GMAT score required for admission?
Your GMAT will be reviewed in combination with your transcript. There is not a specific score that needs to be achieved on your GMAT test as it will be reviewed in combination with your transcript and other supporting documents.

I am not a Chinese citizen. Can I still apply to this program?
Yes, citizens of China, Canada and other countries are equally eligible to apply for this program. If you are not a Chinese citizen, you will require a study visa to attend school in China. It will be your responsibility to obtain the visa, and our program office will assist you in learning how to do this.

When can I expect to hear back after I submit my application?
We will contact you after you have submitted your completed application and all associated documents in order to schedule an interview.

Where is the program located?
The program takes place in Beijing, China on the Renmin University campus. There is an option to complete one course in Kingston at Queen’s University.

How long is the program and when are the term dates?
The program is 10 months long. The program will run from September - January and March - July. There will be a break for the Chinese New Year in February.

I work full-time in Beijing; am I able to work and go to school?
Yes! The program is designed for working professionals. Classes will be held on evenings and weekends, so you will be able to continue to work while going to school.

Are accommodations provided?
There is an option to apply for on-campus housing at Renmin University in Beijing for non-Chinese citizens, as a means for cultural and language assistance . Resources and recommendations can also be provided to all students if you would like to search for off-campus housing options in Beijing. Housing costs (both on-campus and off-campus) are the student’s expense and are not included in the program fees. Accommodations will not be provided in Kingston (should you decide to pursue the option to study one course in Kingston). However, the program office will provide you with resources to assist you in your search for accommodation in Kingston.

Will the program help me obtain a job in China or Canada?
A Queen’s degree is recognized globally and is now officially supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in China. With MOE approval, this program will be recognized by the government and any organization operating in China, allowing you to be competitive in the job market in either China or Canada.

In what language will the program be delivered?
The program’s advanced curriculum is now availabe in both English and Mandarin. Our Early Career Section is taught in English and a new Executive Section, designed for more senior professionals, is available in Mandarin. Both options provide you with applied financial knowledge and skills that can be used anywhere in the world. You will be taught by professors both from Queen’s and Renmin and gain insight into current trends, practices and perspectives from both countries.

Will Queen’s or Renmin assist me in finding a job in China or Canada?
There will be career resources available through both Renmin University and Smith School of Business. You will also be connected to a large network of alumni through both universities; something that will prove beneficial as you begin your job search and throughout your career.

What is MOE approval?
The Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE)certifies education programs within China. The Queen’s Master of Finance – Beijing program has been reviewed and approved by the MOE, meaning your degree will be recognized within China by both government and industry.