All Courses

COMM 100
COMM 101 Intro to Commerce
COMM 103 Business Management
COMM 104 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
COMM 105 Business Communications
COMM 111 Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMM 112 Introduction to Management Accounting
COMM 121 Introduction to Finance
COMM 122 Finance II
COMM 131 Introduction to Marketing
COMM 132 Marketing II
COMM 151 Organizational Behaviour
COMM 153 Managing Work and Teams
COMM 161 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis for Management
COMM 162 Managerial Statistics
COMM 163 Business Decision Models I
COMM 171 Principles of Economics for Business
COMM 172 Managerial Economics
COMM 173 Introduction to International Business
COMM 181 Introduction to Human Resources Management
COMM 190 Introduction to Digital Business and Technologies
COMM 200
COMM 200 / COMM 600 Business Fundamentals
COMM 201 Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs
COMM 211 / COMM 611 Financial Accounting
COMM 212 / COMM 612 Management Accounting
COMM 221 / COMM 621 Introduction to Finance
COMM 231 / COMM 631 Fundamentals of Marketing
COMM 251 / COMM 651 Organizational Behaviour
COMM 300
COMM 301 Funding New Ventures
COMM 302 Launching New Ventures
COMM 303 Business and Ethics
COMM 304 Organizational Intelligence and Strategy
COMM 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
COMM 306 Business for Good: An Introduction to Impact-Driven Leadership
COMM 307 Canadian Business-Government Relations
COMM 309 Real Estate Management
COMM 310 Environmental Accounting
COMM 311 Financial Accounting Practices, Principles and Concepts
COMM 312 Intermediate Management Accounting
COMM 313 Financial Accounting II
COMM 317 Auditing
COMM 319 Income Taxation
COMM 321 Derivative Securities
COMM 322 Advanced Corporate Finance
COMM 323 Corporate Financial Planning
COMM 324 Investment and Portfolio Management
COMM 326 Private Equity
COMM 328 International Finance
COMM 329 Management of Financial Institutions
COMM 332 Marketing Research
COMM 333 Marketing Strategy
COMM 335 Marketing Communications
COMM 336 Consumer Behaviour
COMM 338 Marketing Ethics
COMM 339 Channels and Internet Marketing
COMM 341 Operations Management
COMM 343 Strategic Service Management
COMM 350 The Future: Forecasting and the Business Environment
COMM 351 Leadership
COMM 353 Managing Across Cultures
COMM 354 Relationships and Reconciliation in Business and Beyond
COMM 356 Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations
COMM 357 Interpersonal Skills for Managers
COMM 358 Managing Human Capital
COMM 365 Advanced Business Decision Modeling
COMM 370 Business Communications in North America
COMM 373 International Negotiations
COMM 374 International Business Strategy
COMM 375 International Business
COMM 376 Doing Business in the Asia-Pacific Rim
COMM 381 Business Law I
COMM 382 Business Law II
COMM 385 Negotiation Theory and Behaviour
COMM 389 Topics in Industrial Relations
COMM 392 Introduction to Data Management and Analytics for Business
COMM 392 Data Management and Analytics for Business
COMM 394 Coding Literacy for Managers
COMM 395 Digital Strategy & Transformation
COMM 398 Business, Government and the Global Economy
COMM 400
COMM 401 Business and Corporate Strategy
COMM 402 Advanced Topics in Strategy
COMM 404 Discovering New Knowledge: Introduction to Research in Business
COMM 405 New Business Development
COMM 406 Social Impact and Innovation
COMM 407 Critical Perspectives on Business
COMM 408 Sustainability Strategies and Practices
COMM 410 Strategies of Social Enterprise
COMM 411 Financial Statement Analysis and Accounting Based Valuation
COMM 414 Management Control
COMM 415 Corporate Governance and Control
COMM 416 Organizational Fraud
COMM 417 Business Combinations Accounting
COMM 420 Financial Technology and Innovation
COMM 431 Advanced Topics in Marketing
COMM 432 Brand Management
COMM 433 Marketing Analytics
COMM 434 Sales Management
COMM 460 Supply Chain Analytics
COMM 461 Data Science for Business
COMM 472 Business and Development
COMM 493 Coding AI and Machine Learning for Business
COMM 495 Project Management
COMM 500
COMM 501 Directed Independent Studies in Business
COMM 502 Business Problems and Projects
COMM 503 Business Research
COMM 504 Directed Independent Study in Consulting and Professional Service