Smith research benefits from more than $750,000 in funding

Posted on September 5, 2018

Kingston, Ont. – This summer, a number of Smith researchers were recipients of funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Ontario Centres for Excellence (OCE). 

“Smith faculty are studying important business issues, for example, Indigenous entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and the ethics of artificial intelligence. The range of funded research projects shows the breadth of our thought leadership,” notes Yolande Chan, Associate Dean of Research, PhD and MSc Programs. 

A combined total of $787,401 was awarded to the following faculty:

– Tina Dacin – Social entrepreneurship: Increasing access to opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs ($198,625 - SSHRC Partnership Development Grant)

– Olena Ivus – Intellectual property rights, innovator migration and technology diffusion ($75,593 – SSHRC Insight Grant); Trade, intellectual property and innovation: Lessons from the past for future policy. Implications for Canada-U.K. relationship after Brexit ($11,258 - SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant)

– Anton Ovchinnikov – Consumer behaviour and the design of loyalty programs ($81,504 – SSHRC Insight Grant)

– Julian Barling – Early socioeconomic adversity and the development of later formal leadership ($209,046 – SSHRC Insight Grant)

– Bertrand Malsch and Pavlo Kalyta – Inside tax havens and the making of offshore accounting in Canada ($151,375 – SSHRC Insight Grant)

– Yuri Levin – The ethics of artificial intelligence in Canadian financial services ($20,000 OCE TalentEdge Internship Program)

– Ceren Kolsarici – Dynamic state-space model to investigate the role of multi-media advertising in consumers’ journey through the purchase funnel ($20,000 OCE TalentEdge Internship Program); The impact of discriminatory pricing based on consumer risk: An empirical investigation using indirect lending through retail networks ($20,000 OCE TalentEdge Internship Program) 

“At Smith, research is a high priority. The recent SSHRC and OCE funding awards demonstrate Smith’s research commitment and success,” says Professor Chan.

 Additional information on these awards and research grants made earlier in the year, can be found in the latest issue of Research News.