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Dare to Dream interns launch new ventures with help from QCBV and donors

Posted on March 2, 2017
Altair Ioffe, GDB'15, MBA'17 Dare to Dream intern.
Altair Ioffe, GDB'15, MBA'17 Dare to Dream intern.

Kingston, ON — March 2, 2017 Five students and recent graduates are launching new businesses with support from Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing (QCBV). Its Dare to Dream (D2D) internship program provides critical resources to help students and new alumni turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Thanks to financial support from several alumni and corporate donors, each intern is provided up to $15,000 in funding, office space and access to mentoring to help get their new ventures up and running.

From high-tech to Fin Tech to fashion, this year’s D2D interns have identified some exciting business opportunities:

Mark Balovnev, Comm’18, Battat-Steffensen Dare to Dream Intern for EduChain, a decentralized platform for the issuance and sharing of digital academic credentials such as transcripts and diplomas. Donors Dany Battat and Gia Steffensen are BCom’78 classmates.

Colin Harding, Comm’17, Valerie Mann Dare to Dream Intern for Iris Technologies. Colin and his co-founder Conor Ross’s company produces an e-paper screen for LCD screens to reduce the negative health repercussions for those suffering from minor brain injuries, migraines or eyestrain.  Funded by Smith School of Business Advisory Board member Valerie Mann, BCom’86.

Altair Ioffe, GDB’15, MBA’17, RLS Foundation Dare to Dream Intern for Ioffe Biotechnologies. This biotechnology company’s first product is Indezone, a non-prescription remedy that enhances cognitive performance. 

Manny Kandola, EMBA’15, Cogeco Dare to Dream Intern, is in the quiet phase of his disruptive Fin Tech venture, which is being kept under wraps until its launch in the coming months. 

Lisa Orr, BCom’01, AMBA’16, CIBC Dare to Dream Intern for LaBroga, which produces vintage-inspired luxury shoe bags.