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Fall 2020

Fall 2020


Abstract illustration of ligthbulbs on an assembly line
Artificial intelligence will one day help settle most lawsuits. A team at Smith and Queen’s is already working on it. Their goal: to make the law accessible to everyone.
A mask hanging off of the numbers 2020
Yes, these are “unprecedented times”. But extraordinary leadership is timeless. And it starts with the smallest things.
Michael and Chantal Schauch on a climb
In an excerpt from his new book, Michael Schauch, AMBA’07, writes about a trip to the Himalayas and his attempt to reach the top of a mysterious peak.
An illustration of people inside tear drop shapes
Who are the custodians who step up to protect institutions when it really matters? A water crisis in crumbling Detroit led researchers to an answer.
Alumni voices: race and racism
What is the role of universities and business schools in tackling racism and discrimination? How can they ensure better opportunities for all, no matter a person’s colour or background?


Lulu Liang in her office
Lulu Liang, BCom’14, Artsci’14, jumped into the CEO spot of Luxy Hair at just 25. Now she’s leading the company’s global expansion (and launching her own business, too).
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis, BCom’89, is putting big data and analytics into the grocery basket of Canada’s biggest supermarket chain.
Steve Beauchamp
Steve Beauchamp, MBA’99, has turned a small Chicago payroll company into a $7-billion powerhouse that just keeps growing.
Kristi Soomer
A broken suitcase led Kristi Soomer, AMBA’09, to launch Encircled, a versatile clothing brand that’s good for the planet, and society, too.

First Person

Justin Tessier on the drums
Justin Tessier, MMIE’20, had a big year. He earned his master’s degree, of course. Then came that Juno Award nomination.