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Chintan Bhatt

The consulting project is a unique aspect of the MIB program which allowed us to apply what we learned in the classroom. It offered a simulation of a real-world consulting project, working with a client on an ongoing basis to solve a business problem. The MIB program also puts a significant emphasis on multicultural team-based learning, which is an important soft skill in today's business environment.

Chintan Bhatt, Smith MIB
Associate Account Manager
Toronto, Canada
George Chalhoub

More than a master degree, the MIB enabled me to gain professional work practice through a global consulting project with a multinational company; obtain strong academic experience locally and abroad; hold a leadership role as president of the Student Executive Council; and establish a strong business network. Thanks to the MIB, I was able to land an exciting role with a company I am truly passionate about, PepsiCo.

George Chalhoub, Smith MIB
Sales Leadership Program
Calgary, Canada
Manuel El-Sayed

Smith's Master of International Business in combination with WU Vienna’s Master in Strategy, Innovation & Management Control gave me the perfect educational foundation for an international career. The MIB program stands out for its very practical courses, unique diverse environment, individual career-coaching and an extraordinary team-based approach. The skills I acquired during my time at Smith prepared me for the challenges I am now facing every day in an international and fast-moving environment at P&G Canada.

Manuel El-Sayed, Smith MIB
Finance Manager, Personal Health Care
Procter & Gamble
Toronto, Canada
Martin Fehse

I chose the Double Degree option and earned an MSc in Management from Mannheim in Germany. The international consulting project was a tremendous learning experience, developing an international expansion strategy for a U.S. footwear company. During the project, we worked across multiple time zones and reported directly to the divisional leadership team. We were also invited by the client to visit one of their factories, a flagship store and to meet the Chairman and CEO at their headquarters.

Martin Fehse, Smith MIB
Management Trainee, Finance
Basel, Switzerland
Jenna Furgiuele

Smith's MIB has provided me with an unparalleled international experience. I have widely expanded my business and cultural knowledge, and now have a global network of both friends and colleagues. The diversity of this program is second-to-none and is proven in the number of team-based projects and experiences woven into the curriculum. The group consulting project is a unique part of the MIB program, and I believe it is what set me apart in securing my current role as a Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners – a global strategy and marketing consulting firm.

Jenna Furgiuele, Smith MIB
Consultant, Banking & Financial Services
Simon-Kucher & Partners
New York City, USA
Ivan Garcia

Smith's Master of International Business gave me the skills and knowledge that helped me better understand better the financial sector from a global perspective. At Scotiabank, I am part of a team committed to developing our business and presence in Latin America.

Ivan Garcia, Smith MIB
Senior Manager, Mexico Wealth Management
Toronto, Canada
Andreas Hjerpe

I feel that Smith's Master of International Business has given me a solid foundation to quickly get up to speed in an international setting. The program left me very well-equipped for the working in a culturally diverse team. I have definitely drawn upon the knowledge gained from courses such as Finance of Global Managers and Global Strategy, when working on different projects. As well, the courses in International Negotiations and Cross-Cultural Leadership have significantly affected the way I approach discussions and negotiations.

Andreas Hjerpe, Smith MIB
Accenture Digital
Stockholm, Sweden
Tiffany James

The double degree program allowed me to specialize in my field at Bocconi while the curriculum at Smith taught me the practical skills to successfully foster an international career. Because of my MIB training, I have an acute understanding of the cultural nuance that can impact my business relationships, which allows me to strategize accordingly. Now that I work abroad and interact with many brands and partners around the world, this skill is no longer just an advantage but a necessity in my job.

Tiffany James, Smith MIB
Project Manager, Technology Incubator
Paris, France
Rahman Khanani

Smith's MIB is practical and applied programme. It equips students with the tools, and mind-set to succeed in diverse settings. I combined Smith's MIB with BI Norwegian Business School’s MSc in Strategy & Innovation. This had a more theoretical flavour, and provided me with the opportunity to learn about theories and various frameworks, while also having the opportunity to write a thesis on a topic I found extremely interesting. Based on my experience, I can strongly recommend pursuing both programmes. The synergies obtained can enable students to acquire the ability to solve complex and abstract problems, which is highly valued in the workplace.

Rahman Khanani, Smith MIB
Senior Consultant
Oslo, Norway
Amanda Lapadat

Having a Master’s degree in international business has undoubtedly given me an edge in pursuing my career goals. The program provided me the skills to understand business issues on a global scale. Since enrolling in Smith's MIB program, I have had the opportunity to live and work in China, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Amanda Lapadat, Smith MIB
Trade Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark
Royal Danish Consulate General
Toronto, Canada
Daan Peeters

Smith's MIB is well-balanced with a strong international vibe, and many opportunities to tailor the program to your own needs. My international exchange at the University of Sydney was an amazing experience and offered a wide range of interesting courses. For me, the highlight of the program was working on the team assignment, in a diverse team of international students. The program has greatly expanded my business knowledge, but has also enhanced my teamwork skills and cross-cultural skills, which is very relevant in an international, team oriented environment like Accenture.

Daan Peeters, Smith's MIB
Accenture Development Partnerships
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Simon Pek

Smith's Master of International Business a great program. Since graduating I have had the good fortune of working in international roles for two multinational companies and have found that the tools and analytical frameworks have been invaluable in my daily work. I would recommend this program to anybody with a passion for international business and multicultural management.

Simon Pek, Smith MIB
PhD Candidate
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada
Annie Pound

Smith's MIB includes a broad range of courses, covering highly relevant international business topics. It provides excellent teamwork opportunities, and high-caliber classmates. The professors were well-qualified leaders who stimulated great class discussions. I had a phenomenal exchange at University of Mannheim, one of Europe’s top business schools that I have found to be very well-respected amongst my European colleagues and clients. The connections I made during the program have provided an amazing network for career advice, mentoring and potential jobs…all on a global level.

Annie Pound, Smith MIB
Advisory Manager
London, UK
Chinmay Sawarkar

A perfect blend of courses focusing on soft skills and technical skills coupled with the global consulting project, Smith's MIB delivered a fantastic experience over the course of a year. The program helped me in understanding the fundamentals of cross-border business operations and provided the opportunity to connect with people from the most diverse backgrounds. A master's degree in International Business has opened doors for me, to a career in International Trade Finance at HSBC.

Chinmay Sawarkar, Smith's MIB
Associate, Transaction Services
Toronto, Canada
Wesley Seibutis

Smith's MIB program allowed me to gain a solid understanding of what it really means to be part of an international team. The program, which I was able to tailor to my own areas of interest, provided me with highly transferable skills, knowledge and a global mindset that have proven to be advantageous in working toward my career goals.

Wesley Seibutis, Smith's MIB
Contract Management Specialist
Suncor Energy
Calgary, Canada
Meahgan Sweet

When deciding on a Master’s program, I chose Smith's Master of International Business for three reasons: Smith's excellent reputation, the team-based consulting project, and the mandatory exchange, which added a practical learning element to the academic structure of the program. This program had fantastic professors and administrative resources, and the international mosaic of students added an extra dimension to the international experience. Smith's MIB is a differentiator and helped me to secure a career in consulting.

Meahgan Sweet, Smith's MIB
Management Consultant
Toronto, Canada
Katarina Worm

I elected to pursue the Double Degree Option, and earned an MSc in Management from University of Mannheim in Germany. Among the many outstanding features of the program, the team project was the highlight for me. It enabled me to broaden my cross-cultural capabilities and provided valuable experience working within a virtual team with members in various locations around the world - a situation that is quiet prevalent in today’s global business environment. I also believe that my experience in Germany played a key role in landing my current job at BMW.

Katarina Worm, Smith's MIB
MINI Business Development Manager
BMW Group
Munich, Germany