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Cultural Intelligence

The ability to work effectively across cultures is essential in today’s increasingly globalized world, and we think this is especially true of students enrolled in Smith's Master of International Business.

As such, Smith School of Business has teamed up with the Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) to help Smith's Master of International Business students interpret their current cultural intelligence, understand where any cultural “blind spots” may exist, and how they may grow as an interculturalist.

With a greater awareness of their own cultural intelligence, and experiential opportunities to put these new skills into practice in the form of our diverse student learning teams and overseas study, Smith's Master of International Business students have a unique opportunity to expand their cultural intelligence during the course of the program.

Watch as Dr. David Livermore, one of the co-leaders of the Cultural Intelligence Center along with Dr. Linn Van Dyne, introduces the notion of Cultural Intelligence:

The Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Difference