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Double Degree FAQs

What are the benefits of a double degree program?

This is perhaps our most common question! We invite you to review the double degree overview section to learn more about the many reasons you should consider a Double Degree program.

How do you decide which universities to collaborate with on a double degree program?

Each of our double degree partners is considered to be one of the best business schools in its respective countries based on such metrics as: accreditations, rankings, reputation, and the degree to which the university engages in international initiatives. When exploring a potential double degree program with a partner university, we look for high-calibre, innovative programs that will provide a unique value proposition for our students.

I know that business schools pride themselves on their accreditations, but why is it important to me as a student?

An accreditation can be thought of as formal recognition of a business school’s quality – a “stamp of approval”. Students who receive masters degrees from two accredited, high-quality institutions – such as Smith School of Business and any one of our double degree partner universities – will be able to highlight this fact when meeting with corporate recruiters anywhere in the world. Accreditations are an indication that Smith School of Business continues to meet the required high standards each and every year.

I speak only English. Will I be expected to speak another language in order to be eligible for the double degree options?

The language of instruction in all of our double degree options is English. That said, you will be expected to acquire additional languages as part of the degree requirements for both the Smith-Bocconi double degree option and the Smith-Copenhagen Business School double degree option. Please consult the specific pages for each of these double degree options for precise details.

For those double degree options in which I will be required to acquire one or more additional languages, will I be fluent by the end of the program?

True fluency can take many years of constant practice. As such, the goal of these double degree options is not total fluency; rather, you will be expected to meet pre-determined levels of functionality in your new language(s). Specific information on these linguistic expectations will be provided to you upon applying to the program.

I noticed that several of the double degree options have an internship, thesis, or in-company project as part of the degree requirements - will I be expected to speak the local language in order to be eligible to meet these requirements?

Every effort will be made to place you with an organization in which English is its principal language, or with an English-speaking branch of a multi-national organization. That said, some level of functionality in the local language will be considered an asset.

Will I have any input into which organization I work with during my internship?

Some but not all of our double degree options feature internships; in each instance, it is a requirement to earn the partner university’s degree, not the Queen’s degree. As such, it is up to you to negotiate the terms of your internship with a representative from the host university.

I noticed that I will be required to complete a thesis as part of the degree requirements for several of the double degree options. How will I find a thesis advisor?

While representatives from our partner universities will provide you with some guidance in selecting an appropriate thesis advisor, you are strongly encouraged to pro-actively seek faculty members at the partner university with whom you would like to work. In most cases, schools post instructors’ C.V’s on their website so that you can research their particular area of research ahead of time.

Are any of these double degree options offered in a part-time format?

No. At this point in time, there are no plans to do so.

Do I really earn two degrees at the end of the program, or is it a joint degree between Smith School of Business and one of your double degree partner universities?

The short answer is: two degrees. At the end of your double degree program, you will be invited to attend separate graduation ceremonies at both institutions, where you will receive a Master of International Business degree from Queen’s University, as well as the corresponding masters degree from the double degree partner university.

When will I receive each degree?

Neither degree will be awarded until you have successfully met the degree requirements of both universities.

I understand that Smith School of Business employs learning teams. How do you decide what team to put me on?

We assemble our teams on the basis of diversity. You will find that your team profile will feature a healthy representation of disparate age, gender, thinking-style preferences, and cultural backgrounds.

Why am I not permitted to switch teams during the program?

In a workplace setting, you rarely have the opportunity to choose who you will work with; as the Program strives to emulate the look and feel of a corporate environment, we have also adopted this rationale.

What if I cannot get along with one of my teammates?

At the outset of the program, you will gain valuable team-building skills to help you overcome any challenges that you face along the way. A team coach is assigned to each team to ensure its high performance.

Are students required to have a laptop?

Yes. Students will be expected to have a laptop prior to the beginning of the program.