Student Success Stories

Julius Nyarko

“QUAAF allows students to take leadership roles in a capital markets’ environment. As a team, we’d meet weekly, do a market update, and then review our portfolios. As leaders of QUAAF, we were required to take a firm view of the financial markets and speak about them fluently. We were investing real money, so we had to do real research. When I came in as CEO, I wanted to ensure there was a process around everything. I used what we were doing as part of the CFA Research Challenge and brought it to QUAAF.”

Julius Nyarko, MFin 2017
Fixed Income Credit Analyst, AGF Investments Inc.
Madiha Hussain

“The MFin program has definitely allowed me to take my career closer to my ideal career path and along the way I have met great people that are willing to guide and help me move up. I would definitely recommend this program to ambitious people that would like to supercharge their career growth.”

Madiha Hussain, MFin 2016
Senior Risk Analyst
Toronto, ON
Devan Sloan

“The program brought together experienced and engaging faculty with a diverse and enterprising group of students. This created an environment where I was not only able to learn from the professors but also my fellow classmates. I built relationships and friendships in the program that will last a lifetime. This was a great stepping stone in my career.”

Devan Sloan, MFin 2016
Senior Manager, Leasing
GWL Realty Advisors
Toronto, ON
Christopher Sy

“The program broadened my understanding of finance and provided valuable technical skills that could be used immediately on the job. For me, one of the highlights of the program was the National Investment Banking Competition, where I met a lot of students from different countries and made great connections.”

Christopher Sy, MFin 2016
Private Equity & Venture Capital Analyst
Yorkville Partners
Toronto, ON
Maria Zou

“The program broadened my knowledge in other areas of finance, especially on the asset side. I believe the friendships I've built during the program and the learning experiences will go a long way in helping me achieve personal and career growth. I would recommend this program to people at any stage of their career.”

Maria Zou, MFin 2016
Assistant Vice President
Swiss Re
Toronto, ON
Rees Barnett

“For me, the highlight of the program was the people – the students, faculty, and staff. It was a great learning experience and it helped me transition into a front office role which, as many people know, is difficult to do. I would definitely recommend this program and the Queen's Alumni network is a great resource to have as a financial professional.”

Rees Barnett, MFin 2015
Kensington Capital Partners
Toronto, ON
Yolanda Chen

“I found the professors and the quality of education in the program to be amazing. Equally important, my fellow students were professional, driven, dedicated and supportive. The program helped me take a second look at my strengths and weaknesses, and revisit my career goals. As a result, I was able to move outside of my comfort zone and onto a different career path.”

Yolanda Chen, MFin 2015
Vice President Finance Asia
Markham, ON
Greg Limburg

“Pursuing the MFin at Smith has been the most pivotal step in my career path thus far, and I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today without it. The network of talented professionals I have made as a graduate of the program has connected me with countless leading financial institutions, on Bay Street and beyond.”

Greg Limburg, MFin 2015
Portfolio Analyst
1832 Asset Management L.P.
Toronto, ON
Ariel Lubecki

“The Smith MFin program pushed me to achieve my personal best. I was, and continue to be, truly inspired by my classmates as well as the professors and guest speakers that were brought in. The program provided a network with a wide range of investment industry professionals, including asset management, private equity and investment banking practitioners. I absolutely recommend this program.”

Ariel Lubecki, MFin 2015
Institutional Relationship Manager
Burgundy Asset Management
Toronto, ON
Andrew Schrumm

“I strongly believe my job change would not have been possible without the Smith MFin. This program has given me a stronger foundation professionally and personally. I am able to contribute at a higher level, providing technical and strategic guidance on real-world issues in securities regulation. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about advancing their career in finance.”

Andrew Schrumm, MFin 2015
Advisor, Office of Domestic and International Affairs
Ontario Securities Commission
Toronto, ON
Adler Sears

“The decision to pursue my Master of Finance degree at Smith was an easy one for me. The program made it possible to obtain a challenging and rewarding position in a capital markets role. Smith does an excellent job in finding a balance between developing technical skill sets and essential soft skills that truly differentiates this program from all others.”

Adler Sears, MFin 2015
Investment Banking
BMO Capital Markets
Toronto, ON
Lamia Tasneem

“Smith's MFin program improved my analytical, problem-solving, and team-building skills, which are essential to succeed in any professional discipline. In all, it really expanded my horizons. The career workshops, networking sessions with alumni and industry leaders, and numerous other resources equipped me with the tools I needed to advance in my career.”

Lamia Tasneem, MFin 2015
Customer Due Diligence Analyst
HSBC Commercial Banking
Toronto, ON
Rob Janson

“The Queen’s name and the MFin degree is recognized internationally for its pedigree and it carries a lot of credibility. Smith's MFin, enabled me to think beyond the career path I was on and to seek out something outside the world in which I was working. It was extremely instrumental in allowing me to take a big step forward and take on my role at Westcourt Capital.”

Rob Janson, MFin 2013
Chief Investment Officer and Equity Partner
Westcourt Capital Corporation
Toronto, ON
Frank Balazic

“Simply put, the Smith Master of Finance program was great. Queen’s has an excellent reputation and the learning experience certainly lived up to my expectations. The faculty was very knowledgeable, experienced and obviously in tune with the markets. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and speak with many guest speakers and industry professionals that visited. More importantly I have made incredible connections that I’m sure will last a lifetime. The MFin program has definitely provided me an edge that will be essential for future advancement.”

Frank Balazic, MFin 2012
Portfolio Manager
Scotia Wealth Management
Toronto, ON
Elaine Zeghayar

“Smith's Master of Finance is a well-rounded academic experience that offers amazing opportunities to meet and network with people within the industry. The faculty and staff were instrumental in accelerating my career. In fact, one of my professors believed in my potential enough to work with me one-on-one to elevate my soft skills to where they are today. For me, that was worth more than anything any other program could deliver.”

Elaine El Zeghayar, MFin 2012
Relationship Manager
TD Commercial Banking
Toronto, ON
Gaina Samarah

“This is a great program, and what makes it truly unique is its perfect balance of theory and practice. The professors are first-rate and bring years of experience to the classroom. Not only has the program developed my knowledge and skills, I believe that earning this degree has enhanced my personal brand.”

Gaina Samarah, MFin 2012
Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
Toronto, ON
Dipak Bipinchandra

“The Smith Master of Finance program was a good blend of theory and application and, with a strong focus on communication and presentation, our credibility as finance professionals was enhanced. My decision to enroll in this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Dipak Bipinchandra, MFin 2011
Junior Associate
Maybank Investment Banking
McKinsey & Company
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ramy Farag

“The Smith Master of Finance program improved my personal marketability and enabled me to transition into a career in capital markets. I truly appreciated the curriculum’s practical approach. The professors were clearly experts in their respective areas, and had an impressive network of senior industry leaders who were often invited to sit in and critique our presentations. However, the highlight for me was developing a network of exceptional professionals with whom I am still in touch.”

Ramy Farag, MFin 2011
Associate, Europe & MENA
International Financial Institutions
BMO Capital Markets
Toronto, ON
Roberto Honigman

“The practical approach of the Master of Finance program brought my career in Finance to a whole new level. We prepared several full corporate valuations, debt valuations, and derivatives pricing models. I believe this program prepared me well for advancing my career in Banking.”

Roberto Honigman, MFin 2011
Vice President
EFG Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd
Daniel Yang

“The Smith Master of Finance is an intense program that power-shifted my career into Sales & Trading. The instructors were extremely qualified and genuinely cared about the professional progress of their students. Many of them willingly shared their impressive networks of contacts. The mixed backgrounds of the instructors, from academia to Bay Street, broadened my perspective, from a knowledge point of view to a practical one. The curriculum had great balance, covering a broad spectrum of finance topics while providing the right tools to succeed in specific jobs.”

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