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Student Success Stories

“I selected the Smith GDA because of the school’s esteemed reputation, and quality of professors and instruction. Smith attracts the brightest students.”

Boulton Doolittle, GDA
Manager, Transaction Advisory

“Accounting is the language of business. Together with the CPA, the Smith GDA provides prospective employers with a level of trust in your understanding of business and financials. With an accounting specialization the employment options are extensive.”

Matt Zaffino, GDA
Director Finance
Green Standards Ltd.

“Specializing in accounting and achieving my CPA designation was the best decision I ever made for my career. The job market is incredibly competitive. To excel and advance you need a competitive advantage. With an accounting focus you get more than just a deep understanding of the financial and reporting function of a business. You learn how to analyze businesses and evaluate their health. You learn proper corporate governance, and leadership and become a more well-rounded business professional.”

Rose Thuringer, GDA
Chief Operating Officer
The Ski Week

“Smith’s GDA program ensured I was well equipped to pass the CPA exam. It eliminated the need to study on top of entering the workforce. This gave me an advantage to be a successful CPA candidate and a strong performer at work.”

Jessica Sermer, GDA
Manager, Financial Reporting

“I completed the CPA successfully on my first attempt. This led me to progress my career quickly and allowed me to explore many areas within the business. I was involved in technology projects, new audit innovation, and ultimately transitioned into a consulting role at a leading digital innovation firm.”

Liz Toniolo, GDA
Consultant, Strategy & Technology
Konrad Group

“My GDA from Smith School of Business has been a key differentiator in my career path. The skills I developed go well beyond accounting knowledge. I built a solid foundation of problem-solving, leadership, and critical thinking abilities that are strong assets in my career today.”

Jennifer Reynolds, GDA
Corporate Strategy Manager
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment