Thomas, Tandy Dayle

Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Marketing

Tandy's research interests lie at the intersection of consumer culture theory and social psychology. Her research looks at the interplay between consumers, their social contexts, and marketing activities and focuses on three broad research questions:

(1) How does social context influence consumers’ responses to marketing activities?

(2) How do (or should) consumers’ social contexts influence the actions of marketers? And

(3) How do consumers influence each other’s responses to marketing activities?

Tandy examines these questions at the level of individual, social, and collective identity. Her current projects explore perceptions of advertisements and how these are socially embedded, how salient social identities and membership in consumption communities influence individuals' consumption practices and responses to marketing stimuli, and how consumers navigate marketplace decision making in a culture of choice and discourse overload. Tandy’s work has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Advertising, and presented at numerous international conferences. Tandy currently teaches Consumer Behaviour at the undergraduate level and Qualitative Research Methods and Consumer Culture Theory in the PhD/MSc program. She is also a member of the Journal of Consumer Research editorial review board.

Tandy completed her PhD in 2009 at the University of Arizona. She also holds a BComm and MSc in Marketing degrees from Queen's University.

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