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Ricard Gil

Associate Professor & Bank of Montreal Professor of Business and Finance


Ricard Gil is an Associate Professor and Bank of Montreal Professor of Business and Finance at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. He specializes in organizational economics with a focus on industrial organization, strategy and applied microeconomics.

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Academic Area

  • Business Economics

Interest Topics

  • Brand
  • Economics
  • Governance
  • Government & Policy
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Retail
  • Technology & Information Systems

Faculty Details


Full Bio

Ricard Gil received his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 2004 and a BA in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, in 1999. His training also includes a post-doc in organizational economics at Harvard Business School, and visiting positions at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the management department of the London School of Economics.

He has held other visiting and teaching positions at other universities such as Universidad de Navarra and IESE in Spain, the University of Tokyo and Hitotsubashi University in Japan, or Yonsei University in South Korea. Prior to joining Smith in 2018, Ricard was an economics professor at the Department of Economics of the University of California in Santa Cruz from 2004 to 2011, and a professor of economics and strategy at the Carey Business School of the Johns Hopkins University from 2011 to 2018.

Ricard’s research specializes in organizational economics with a focus on industrial organization, strategy and applied microeconomics. Some of his research interests are the effect of competition on outcomes and firm boundaries as well as the impact firm organization on transaction performance, in various contexts such as media industries, online markets, and transportation. Ricard's research has appeared in top economics and business journals such as American Economic Journal, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Marketing Science and Management Science, among others.

Academic Degrees

PhD Economics
University of Chicago (2004)

M.A. Economics
University of Chicago (2000)

B.A. Economics
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1999)

Academic Experience

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
Associate Professor (with tenure) (2018 - Present)

Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School
Associate Professor (without tenure) (2014-2018)
Assistant Professor (2011-2013)

University of California, Santa Cruz
Associate Professor of Economics (with tenure) (2011-2012)
Assistant Professor of Economics (2004-2011)

Harvard Business School, Harvard University
Organizational Economics Post-Doctoral Fellow (2006-2007)


Publications/Forthcoming Papers in Organizational Economics and IO

“Does Competition Increase Quality? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry,” with Myongjin Kim. International Journal of Industrial Organization 77. June 2021. Published 77 Article Number 102742

“Relationships under Stress: Relational Outsourcing in the US Airline Industry After the 2008 Financial Crisis,” with Giorgio Zanarone and Myongjin Kim. January 2021. Accepted at Management Science. Published February 2022 68(2) 1256-1277

 “Can Free-Shipping Hurt Online Retailers? Evidence from Online Grocery Shopping,” with Ozge Sahin and Evsen Korkmaz. Accepted at Quantitative Marketing and Economics.

“Technological Change and Managerial Challenges in the Movie Theater Industry,” with Charles Weinberg, Cord Otten, Barak Orbach, Jordi McKenzie, Darlene Chisholm and Suman Basuroy. Accepted in Special Issue at the Journal of Cultural Economics.

“Relational Adaptation under Reel Authority,” with Daniel Barron, Robert Gibbons, and Kevin Murphy. Accepted Management Science.

 “What Do News Aggregators Do? Evidence from Google News in Spain and Germany,” with Joan Calzada. Accepted Marketing Science.

“Segregation, Discrimination, and Firm Entry: Evidence from Post-war African American Movie Theatres,” with Justin Marion. Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 108, November 2018, pp. 18-35.

“On the Determinants and Consequences of Informal Contracting,” with Giorgio Zanarone. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 24, No. 4, Winter 2018, pp. 726-741.

“The Impact of Competition on ‘Make or Buy’ Decisions: Evidence from the Spanish Local TV Industry,” with Christian A. Ruzzier. Management Science, Vol. 64, Issue 3, pp. 1121-1135.

“Does Television Entry Decrease the Number of Movie Theatres?” with Fernanda Gutierrez-Navratil. Economic Inquiry, Volumen 55, Issue 2, April 2017, pp. 736-756.

“Outsourcing Practices of Peripheral Services: Evidence from Spanish Manufacturing Plant-Level Data,” with Jose Enrique Sanchez-Galdon and Alberto Bayo-Moriones. European Economic Review, Volume 78, August 2015, pp. 328-344.

“The Adoption of New Technologies: Understanding Hollywood's (Slow and Uneven) Conversion to Color,” with Ryan Lampe. Journal of Economic History, v. 74, No. 4, pp. 987-1014.

“Does Vertical Integration Decrease Prices? Evidence from the Paramount Antitrust Case of 1948.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, , Vol. 7, No. 2 (May 2015), pp. 162-91.

“Vertical Integration, Exclusivity and Game Sales Performance in the US Video Game Industry,” with Frederic Warzynski. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, , Volume 31 (suppl 1): i143-i168.

“Regulation, Enforcement, and Entry: Evidence from the Spanish Local TV Industry,” joint with Mitsukuni Nishida. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2014, January, 32, 11-23.

“Self-Enforcing Agreements and Relational Contracting: Evidence from California Highway Procurement,” joint with Justin Marion. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Vol. 29, Issue 2, pp. 239-277.

“Using Revenue–Sharing to Implement Flexible Pricing: Evidence from Movie Exhibition Contracts,” joint with Francine Lafontaine. Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 60, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages: 187–219.

“The Interplay between Formal and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Movies,” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. Volume 29, Issue 3, pp. 681-710.

“Introducing Managerial Attention Allocation in Incentive Contracts,” joint with Jordi Mondria. SERIEs – Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, Vol. 2, Issue 3, 2011, pp. 335-358.

“Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Social Networks, Reputational Capital and Vertical Integration,” with Wes Hartmann. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 27(2), pp. 219-244.

“Empirical Analysis of Metering Price Discrimination: Evidence from Concession Sales at Movie Theatres,” (with Wes Hartmann). Marketing Science, November-December 2009, Vol. 28: 1046-1062.

“Revenue Sharing Distortions and Vertical Integration in the Movie Industry,” 2009. Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 25(2):579-610.

“An Empirical Investigation of the Paramount Antitrust Case,” Applied Economics, Volume 42, Issue 2, January 2010, pages 171–183.

“"Make-or-Buy" in Movies: Integration and Ex-post Renegotiation,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, August 2007. Vol 25, Issue 4, pp. 643-656.

“Demand Shifts and Changes in Competition: Evidence from the Movie Theater Industry,” International Journal of the Economics of Business, November 2006. Vol. 13, No 3, pp. 407-428.

Other Publications/Forthcoming Papers 

“Does Job Satisfaction Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction? Evidence from Retail Banking in South Korea,” with Myongjin Kim and Inhyouk Koo. BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy Volume 17, Issue 3.

“Underneath the Red Carpet: Government Intervention in the Spanish Movie Industry,” joint with Victor Fernandez-Blanco. Journal of Media Economics, Volume 25, Issue 1, 2012, pp. 54-72.

“Social Security and Democracy,” joint with Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala-i-Martin. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Contributions), Berkeley Electronic Press, Vol. 10(1), pages 18.

 “Causes and Consequences of Skipping Class in College,” with Carlos Dobkin and Justin Marion. Economics of Education Review, vol. 29(4), 2010, pages 566-575. “Testing the Efficiency of Markets in the 2002 World Cup,” (with Steve D. Levitt). The Journal of Prediction Markets, Vol. 1, No. 3, December 2007, pp. 255-270.

“The Economics of IPR Protection Policies: Reply,” Review of Network Economics, December 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 4, pp. 530-534. 

“The Organizational Dimensions of Creativity: Motion Picture Production,” (with Pablo T. Spiller). California Management Review, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 243-260. 

 “The Role and Determinants of Concession Sales in Movie Theatres: Evidence from the Spanish Exhibition Industry,” (with Wes Hartmann). Review of Industrial Organization, June 2007. Vol 30, Number 4, pp. 325-347.

“The Economics of IPR Protection Policies,” Review of Network Economics, September 2006. Vol. 5, Issue 3, pp. 299-319.

“Do Democracies Have Different Public Policies than Non-Democracies?” (with Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala-i-Martin), Journal of Economics Perspectives, Vol. 18, No. 1, Winter 2004, pp. 51-74.

Invited Articles and Book Chapters

“Relational Contracting in Developed Economies: Lessons from Slot Exchanges in the US Airline Industry,” forthcoming in Japanese Economic Review. 

“Contracting in innovative industries,” with Giorgio Zanarone. In C. Menard and M. Shirley (eds.), A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics. Surrey, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

“Informal Contracting Between and Within Firms,” with Giorgio Zanarone. Revista de Administração, Volume 52, Issue 4, October–December 2017, Pages 492-496.

“Formal and Informal Contracting: Theory and Evidence,” with Giorgio Zanarone. Annual Review of Law and Social Science 2017 13:1, 141-159

“New Frontiers in the Empirical Research on Informal Contracting,” with Giorgio Zanarone. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics Volume 172, Number 2, June 2016, pp. 390-407(18).

“Clinical Papers in Organizational Economics,” joint with George P. Baker. Handbook of Organizational Economics, Editors Robert Gibbons and John Roberts.

“Social Spending and Democracy: Some Evidence from South America,” (with Casey Mulligan), Estudios de Economia, Vol. 29, No. 1, June 2002.

Long-Term Working Papers

“As Seen on TV: Price Discrimination and Competition in Television Advertising,” with Daniel Riera-Crichton and Christian Ruzzier.

“The Organizational Implications of Creativity: The US Film Industry in Mid-XXth Century,” with Pablo T. Spiller. NBER Working Paper # 13253, July 2007.

“Population Density and Crime,” with Mario Macis. 

Working Papers

“The Value of Relational Adaptation in Outsourcing: Evidence from the 2008 shock in the US Airline Industry,” with Myongjin Kim and Giorgio Zanarone. R&R.

“Does Competition Increase Quality? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry,” with Myongjin Kim. R&R.

“Why did firms practice segregation? Evidence from movie theaters during Jim Crow,” with Justin Marion. 

“Vertical Integration and Market Foreclosure in Media Markets: Evidence from the Chinese Motion Picture Industry,” with Chun-Yu Ho, Li Xu and Yaying Zhou. 

“Information, Beliefs and Resource Allocation: The Impact of Big Data ITs on Small and Medium Size Establishments,” with JE Galdon-Sanchez and Guillermo Uriz-Uharte. 

“The Benefits and Costs of Driving Restriction Policies: The Impact on Congestion, Pollution and Consumer Spending,” with Jose Enrique Galdon-Sanchez, Felix Holub, and Guillermo Uriz-Uharte.

Work in Progress (tentative titles)

“Preemptive Entry and Technology Diffusion in the Market for Drive-in Theatres,” with Jean-Francois Houde and Yuya Takahashi. 

“Metering Price Discrimination Accounting for Congestion and Queuing,” with Ozge Sahin. 

“Relational Adaptation within and between Firms: Evidence from the US Airline Industry,” with Myongjin Kim and Giorgio Zanarone.

“HR Management Practices and Plant Survival,” with Florian Englmaier, JE Galdon-Sanchez and Michael Kaiser. 

“NGOs Boundaries”

“Employee Voice, Worker Engagement, and Firm Productivity,” with JE Galdon-Sanchez. 

“Human Resource Management in Multinational Manufacturing Plants,” with Jose Enrique Sanchez-Galdon. 

“Mergers & Acquisitions in the US Video Game Industry,” with Fred Warzynski and Jeremy Fox.

“Bundling: Impact of the 1948 Paramount Antitrust Case” with Joan Calzada.

“The Market for Online Education.” 



  • UCSC: Intermediate Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics


  • UCSC: Advanced Applied Microeconomics (Ph.D.)
  • Universidad de Navarra: Economics of Information (Master)
  • MIT Sloan: Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (MBA),
  • LSE: Design and Management of Organizations (MSc Management)
  • JHU CBS: Strategic Management, Economics for Decision Making, Strategic Human Capital, Competitive Strategy (MBA)
  • Queen’s U SSB: Economics and Industry Analysis (GDB), Managerial Economics and Industry Analysis (Executive MBA) 

Short-term Teaching, Visiting and Affiliate Positions  

  • 2017 - Short-Term visit Strategic Management Department IESE, Universidad de Navarra, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-17 - Contributor to (high impact) blog on the Spanish Economy (
  • 2016 - Visiting Associate Professor Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2007-18 - Yonsei International Summer School, Seoul, South Korea 
  • 2011 - ESNIE, Corsica, France
  • 2010 - IAE, University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, France
  • 2009 - Department of Finance, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2008 - Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
  • 2005 - PPSR Center, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2005 - Economics Department, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Graduate Student Supervision

  • Huafang Liu, 2019

Graduate Student Examination - External Referee

  • Taylor Currie, 2019
  • Jenny Watt, 2019  
  • Zhuang Liu, 2019 

Visiting Positions

Guest Teacher (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Management Department, London School of Economics

Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Economics
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Conference Presentations

2019 - Empirical and Theoretical Symposium for Canadian Marketing Strategy, Canadian Economic Association Meetings, Barcelona GSE Summer Forum Organizational Economics, North America Summer Meetings Econometric Society in Seattle, KER Conference Seoul, EARIE Barcelona, Canada Economic History Network Annual Meetings, INFORMS Seattle, APIOC Tokyo

2018 - AIB Canada, SIOE Montreal, Winter Workshop CES Barcelona

2017 - Winter North America Econometric Society Meetings in Chicago, AIB San Jose, NBER Digitization, Berkeley-Paris Organizational Economics Workshop, NBER Organizational Economics, Workshop on Air Transport (Universitat de Barcelona), Catalan Economic Society Meetings (Barcelona, Spain), 8th Annual Conference on Internet Commerce and Innovation at the Searle Center of Northwestern University, 10th Conference on the Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Smith School of Business of Queen’s University (discussant), 10th Organizational Economics Workshop Sydney, EEA-ESEM Lisbon-Portugal, AIB SE Washington, 19th Motion Picture Economics Workshop, Empirical Management Conference World Bank, APIOC Auckland.

2016 - ALEA Harvard Law School, 2nd Organizational Economics Workshop CUNEF Madrid Spain, 18th Motion Picture Economics Workshop, INFORMS Nashville, CELS Duke Law School

2015 - SMS Special Conference – Santiago, Chile, NET Institute NYU Stern, Berkeley Paris Organizational Economics Workshop, Workshop “Natural Experiments and Controlled Field Studies” Munich, ISNIE Harvard Law School, CEPR-IMO INSEAD (discussant), 17th Motion Picture Economics Workshop     

2014 - INFORMS Revenue Management & Pricing Conference 2014 – Istanbul, Turkey, Barcelona GSE Summer Forum – Applied IO, International Society for New Institutional Economics, Jornadas de Economia Industrial – Barcelona, Spain, IESE Strategy and Entrepreneurship Winter Mini-Conference - Barcelona

2013 - International Industrial Organization Conference, NET Institute Conference, International Society for New Institutional Economics

2012 - International Industrial Organization Conference, American Law and Economics Association Meetings, International Society for New Institutional Economics, European Economic Association Meetings, VII Research Workshop on Institutions and Organizations, 14th Motion Picture Economics Workshop, Haas-Sloan Conference on “The Law & Economics of Organization: New Challenges and Directions”

2011 - International Society for New Institutional Economics, Annual International Conference Research Chair of Public Private Partnerships (session chair)

2010 - NBER Organizational Economics (discussant), NET Institute Conference, International Society for New Institutional Economics, Annual International Conference Research Chair of Public Private Partnerships, American Economic Association Annual Meetings

2009 - NBER Organizational Economics, International Society for New Institutional Economics

2008 - European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, International Society for New Institutional Economics, International Industrial Organization Conference, Utah Winter Business Economics Conference, American Economic Association Annual Meetings

2007 - UC Berkeley “IO Fest”, Association for Research in Industrial Economics, NBER Summer Institute, American Law and Economics Association, Tuck IO Winter Conference (Dartmouth) 

2006 - International Industrial Organization Conference

2005 - Santa Cruz Institute for International Economics Annual International Economics Conference, BDC Conference, World Congress of the Econometric Society, International Industrial Organization Conference, NBER IO Meeting

2004 - QME Conference, International Industrial Organization Conference


2020 - QED Brown Bag

2019 - QED Brown Bag, Amazon

2018 - Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, QED Brown Bag, University of Toronto/Rotman.

2017 - Universidad del Pais Vasco, CEMFI Madrid, Universidad de Valencia, Smith Maryland, Department of Justice, Queen’s University Business School, INSPER Sao Paulo, Nazarbayev University (Astana, Kazakhstan), New Economic School (Moscow, Russia), NUS Business School (Singapore) 

2016 - IAE Sorbonne University of Paris, HKUST, Hong Kong U, Chinese U Hong Kong, Peking University, Tsinghua University, UIBE-Beijing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sogang University, FCC, University of Regensburg, Universitat de Girona, CTW Kyoto University, CTWE HIAS Hitotsubashi University, INSEAD, Queen’s University Business School

2015 - Tilburg University, LMU University of Munich

2014 - Universidad de Navarra, Centro Universitario Estudios Financieros – Madrid, Instituto de Empresa, Clemson, Boston University, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universidad de Oviedo

2013 - Cornell Johnson, MIT Sloan, IESE Strategy Group, Oklahoma, Universidad de Los Andes (Chile)

2012 - University of Florida Levin College of Law, U Delaware, Columbia Law School, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, IAE Paris I-Sorbonne, Universidad Pública de Navarra

2011 - MIT, UCSC, Columbia GSB, Universitat de Barcelona, Korea University, Universidad de San Andres, Universidad Torcuato di Tella

2010 - UC Berkeley (Haas), DePaul University, UC Davis, University of Wisconsin, Paris I-Sorbonne, MIT, Bates College, SUNY at Stony Brook, University of Kansas School of Business, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Johns Hopkins Carey

2009 - Hitotsubashi CTWE, Japan Fair Trade Commission, Cornell University, University of Southern California(Marshall), Harvard/MIT, Aarhus School of Business, Centro Universitario Estudios Financieros (Madrid)

2008 - Yale University, IESE Business School, Federal Trade Commission, George Washington University, Department of Justice

2007 - Harvard University, Harvard/MIT, Oregon State University, Yonsei University, UC San Diego, University of Oviedo

2006 - UC Berkeley (Haas), Santa Clara University, Columbia University, Harvard University (HBS), MIT, U Carlos III Madrid

2005 - UCLA, UC Irvine, University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University-CEI, Osaka University, University of Washington, U Carlos III Madrid, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Stanford University (GSB)

2004 - Instituto de Empresa, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, IESE Business School, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, ITAM, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Michigan (Business), Northeastern University, UC Santa Cruz, Yale University (School of Management) 2003 University of Chicago



Fellowship Campus Iberus, Universidad Pública de Navarra (2014)

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Memorial Fund Dissertation Fellowship, University of Chicago (2003-2004)

Bank of Spain Fellowship  (1999-2003)

Economics Department Fellowship, University of Chicago (1999-2003)

“Beca de Colaboración” Fellowship from Spanish Government, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1998-1999)

Teaching Awards

Johns Hopkins Alumni Association’s Excellence in Teaching Award (2016)

Research Awards

CEPR-Deutsche Bahn Prize for Outstanding Research in Organisation and Management for paper "Relational Adaptation Under Reel Authority," with Daniel Barron, Robert Gibbons, and Kevin Murphy. (2015)

SGAE Prize on Research on Media Industries, Honorable Mention (2005)

Social Sciences Division Research Award, University of California, Santa Cruz (2005-2007)

Other Awards

Best Paper Award – 3rd Place – AIB Chapter US West 2017 Annual Conference for paper “Career Concerns and Manager Staffing in Foreign Multinational Subsidiaries”  (2017)

Carol and Bruce Mallen Award for Lifetime Published Scholarly Contributions to Motion Picture Industry Economic Studies (2016)

Kenichi Miyazawa Prize by the Japan Fair Trade Commission for joint paper with Mitsukuni Nishida “Regulation, Enforcement, and Entry: Evidence from the Spanish Local TV Industry.” (2014)

Finalist to 2012 Oliver E. Williamson Prize for Best Article in Law, Economics and Organization for paper "Self-Enforcing Agreements and Relational Contracting: Evidence from California Highway Procurement,” with Justin Marion (UC Santa Cruz). (2012)

Finalist to 2011 Oliver E. Williamson Prize for Best Article in Law, Economics and Organization for paper "Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Vertical Integration, Reputational Capital and Social Networks," with Wesley Hartmann (Stanford University). (2011)

Young Economist Essays Award, European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (2007)

3rd Prize, Organizational Econonomics Summer School, European Science Days, Steyr (Austria) (2004)


Grants & Funding

SSHRC Connection Grant, Workshop on the Economics of Media (2020)

SSHRC Insight Grant, Efficiency in Charitable Organizations and NGOs: Skill transferability and Economies of Scale. (2019)

Koch Foundation Research Grant (Co-PI Justin Marion) (2017)

Grant BBVA Foundation. Jose Enrique Sanchez-Galdon (PI) (2016)

NET Institute Summer Research Grant (with Ozge Sahin and Evsen Korkmaz) (2014)

NET Institute Summer Research Grant (with Mitsukuni Nishida) (2012)

NET Institute Summer Research Grant (with Frederic Warzynski) (2010)

University of California Transportation Center Grant (with Justin Marion) (2006-2007)

Collaborative Research Grant, University of California, Santa Cruz (2005)

COR Faculty Research Grant, University of California, Santa Cruz (2004-2010)


Scientific Committee Research Workshop “Public-Private Partnerships: Design and Deliberation” Perm, Russia.

  • September 2015.
  • October 2016.

Scientific Committee 2nd Research Workshop in Organizational Economics, September 2016, CUNEF, Madrid, Spain.

International Society for New Institutional Economics:

  • Board Member, 2012 to 2015
  • Organizing Committee for Annual Conference, 2010

Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics:

  • Organizing Committee for Annual Conference, 2018

Referee for: Advances in Strategic Management, Applied Economics, American Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, California Management Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, China Economic Review, Contemporary Economic Policy, Economic Journal, Economic Modeling, Economics and Business Letters, Economics Letters, Economics of Education Review, Empirical Economics, Environment & Planning C: Government and Policy, European Economic Review, France-Berkeley Fund, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Industrial and Corporate Change, Information Economics and Policy, INNOVAR, International Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, International Journal of the Economics of Business,  Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Cultural Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Media Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, Labour, Management Science, Managerial and Decision Economics, Marketing Science, Organization Science, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Rand Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economic Studies, Review of Industrial Organization, Review of International Economics, Review of Network Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Strategic Management Journal, SERIEs – Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, Southern Economic Journal.