Eid, Joyce

Adjunct Lecturer

Joyce has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from John Molson School of Business. She is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Metrika, a Montreal-based company that specializes in research-based business consulting for pharmaceutical companies.  She also has 19 years’ work experience as a Market Research Analyst, with an International experience that covered multiple countries where she lived and worked, including Egypt, the UAE, France, and Canada. Joyce has managed several large research accounts of global organizations such as Coca Cola, Autodesk, Chrysler Fiat Automobile, Toyota Financial, Pfizer, Bayer, and others.

Joyce’s teaching career began at IESEG School of Business in Lille, France, where she developed and delivered graduate-level courses and acted as a coach for a business strategy course. At Smith, Joyce teaches Marketing and Marketing Research courses.

  • Specialty: Marketing Research
  • Subject: Marketing
  • Phone: (343) 363-3447
  • Email: joyce.eid@queensu.ca
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