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Brenda Brouwer

Interim Dean


Brenda Brouwer was appointed Interim Dean of Smith School of Business in November 2019. Since then she has focused on executing Smith’s strategy of offering innovative, relevant programs, supporting high quality research, and advancing initiatives in equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenization (EDII).

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  • General Business

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Full Bio

Brenda Brouwer was appointed Interim Dean of Smith School of Business in November 2019. Since then she has focused on executing Smith’s strategy of offering innovative, relevant programs, supporting high quality research, and advancing initiatives in equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenization (EDII). She has led the drive to deliver more online learning options across Smith’s portfolio of degree and non-degree programs. Most recently, she formed the Smith EDII Task Force, which she co-chairs, with a mandate to develop and execute a data and experience-informed EDII strategic plan which will include metrics and performance indicators to evaluate progress and assess impact.

Dr. Brouwer recently completed a secondment with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto, where she joined the executive team as Head, Academic Partnerships. In this role she developed and led the talent development initiative, cultivating relationships between universities and industry to build a pipeline of well-trained graduates that organizations at the forefront of AI in Canada seek.

Prior to her secondment at the Vector Institute, Dr. Brouwer was Vice-Provost and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s for eight years, preceded by five years as the Associate Dean.

Dr. Brouwer joined Queen’s after completing a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. She holds a BSc in Kinesiology (University of Waterloo) and an MSc in Biomechanics (McGill University). She is a professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy with cross appointments to the School of Kinesiology & Health Studies and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies. Dr. Brouwer maintains a successful research program that focuses on quantifying the biomechanical, neuromuscular and metabolic demands of mobility in healthy aging and stroke.

Academic Degrees

Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto (1990)

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University (1986)

Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo (1980)

Academic Experience

Smith School of Business, Queen's University
Dean (Interim) (2019 – Present)

School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen's University
Professor (2002 – Present)
Director of the Human Motor Performance Research Lab (2002-2010) 
Acting Director (2001-2002) 
Associate Professor (1996-2002)
Graduate Program Chair (Rehabilitation Science) (1992-2002) 
Assistant Professor (1990-1996)

School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen’s University
Professor (2002 – Present)
Associate Professor (1996-2002)
Assistant Professor (1995-1996)

Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Head, Academic Partnerships (2018-2019)

School of Graduate Studies, Queen’s University
Vice-Provost and Dean (2012-2018)
Interim Vice-Provost and Dean (2010-2012)
Associate Dean (2005-2010)
Chair of the Life Sciences Division (2002-2004)

University of Toronto 
Research Associate, Playfair Neuroscience Unit (1989-1990) 


Refereed Publications

(s=trainee; c= senior author/PI &/or supervisor)

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Book chapters

Novak ACs, Brouwer Bc Mobility function following stroke:  the impact of multiple impairments.

In Pelligrino LT (Ed)  Handbook of Motor Skills: Development , Impairment and Therapy. Nova Science Publishers New York, pp 117-37.  ISBN 978-1-60741-811-5, 2010

Popular articles

Brouwer B. Why Canada has become a destination of choice for international graduate students. University Affairs, May, 2017 (invited)

Brouwer B. Maximizing the potential of graduate students – Say it loud: Canada needs more PhDs. University Affairs pp 38-9, 2016

Brouwer B A flexible plan to help grad students finish their degrees. University Affairs, April 10, 2013

Brouwer B. A Canadian Perspective on Innovation in Online Delivery: Benefits and Challenges. Council of Graduate Schools Global Summit, Budapest, Hungary 2013. (invited paper)


Brouwer B Let’s end the myth that PhDs are only suited for the ivory tower. Globe & Mail, Report on Business, Opinion B4, March 9, 2016

Papers submitted

Bielska IAs, Pickett W, Brison R, Brouwer B, Day AG, Johnson APc. Direct and Indirect Costs of Treating Acute Ankle Sprains: A Cost-of-Injury Study. Value in Health (in Review)


Invited speaker

2019, Public Health Sciences Day, plenary speaker: Artificial Intelligence with Strings Attached Queen’s University, Kingston, October 4

2019, Science to Business: Academia to Industry. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Industry (panellist) Queen’s University, Kingston, May 10

2019, Data Day 6.0 (panellist) The Transformative Power of Data, AI and Mobilizing Talent, Carleton University, Ottawa, March 26

2018, Teaching and Learning Outcomes Forum. Graduate Learning Outcomes:  Getting to Acceptance.  University of Alberta, Edmonton, March 16

2018, Symposium: What can AI do for population health? (panellist) Building AI  Capacity. University of Toronto, Toronto, November 14 

2017, Friends of CIHR Policy Roundtable: The Future of Graduate Education in  Canada: New Directions, Ottawa, November 1

2017, Global Summit: Graduate Education 2030: Imagining the Future (Council of Graduate Schools) Globalization in Higher Ed: So Much More Than Counting International Students. Anchorage, Alaska, September 10-12

2016, Restructuring the PhD dissertation (Council of Graduate Schools) The Canadian Experience, Washington, DC December 8 

2016, Lumina Foundation: PhD Outcomes Outcomes-Based Curricula and Research Training, Washington, DC September 27-28 

2016, Graduate Outcomes – a Canadian Perspective, Athabasca University, Athabasca, September 2016

2015, Council of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting, panellist: Implications of Big Data in Graduate Education: A Global Conversation, Seattle, Washington December 2-5

2015, Friends of CIHR Policy Roundtable: Does Canada have Too Many PhDs? Ottawa, December 7-8

2015, Global Leader’s Summit: Big Data in Graduate Studies, Super-Size Me – Big Data Comes of Age, National University of Singapore, Singapore, September 7-29

2013, Council of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting (panellist) Graduate Education: An International Conversation. San Diego CA December 4-7

2013, Global Leaders’ Summit: Graduate Education and the Promises of Technology Globalization of Graduate Education. Online Graduate Education: Curricular Innovations, Central European University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, September 30-October 2

2012, Global Leaders’ Summit: From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation: Graduate Education    for Global career pathways. Do We Really Understand Career Expectations of    Students? Technische Universität München, Bavaria, Germany, September  4-6

2011, Council of Graduate Studies’ New Dean’s Institute and Summer Workshop (panellist) A Freshman Dean’s Reflections, Monterey, California. July 9-11,

2010, National Science Foundation and Council of Graduate Studies Completion and attrition in STEM disciplines. Alexandria, Virginia, April 

2009, CIHR Young Investigators Forum (Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health) Preparing and writing your grant application. Ottawa, May.

2008, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the American Society of Neurorehabilitation Joint Educational Conference. Tackling challenges of research training opportunities through Collaboration. Toronto, Oct. 14-18. 

2005, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Seminars What does manual tracking have to do with cumulative trauma? November

2004, Manitoba Physiotherapists Association, Strength and endurance training in neurological disorders, Two-day workshop, Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 

2004, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Motor cortical (re)organization: implications for function University of Alberta, Edmonton, February

2003, International Conference on Cerebral Palsy. Patterns of muscle activity in cerebral palsy – is the brain sending the wrong message?, Quebec City, April

2003, Ontario Physical Therapy Association Provincial Congress, What does manual tracking ability have to do with cumulative trauma disorders? May 

2003, Congress on Neuroplasticity Motor cortical modulation – specificity and relationship to function, Quebec City, May                                                      

2002, Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services Conference Strength training in neurological populations. Richmond Hill, Ontario. November 4-5

2001, Centre Interdisciplinaire de recherche en Readaptation et Integration Sociale Identifying mechanisms associated with disordered movement control in cerebral palsy. Quebec City, Que. April 11-12.

2001, Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Regional congress. Quantifying disability in upper limb cumulative trauma disorders, Toronto, March 31.

1999, International Society for Biomechanics - special symposium A neuromuscular basis for why some children respond better to serial casting than others, Calgary, Alberta August 8-13      

1999, 14th International Symposium of the International Society for Posture and Gait Balance and posture in stroke. Waterloo, Ontario July 15-18

1997, University of South Australia Evidence for altered neural wiring following neurological trauma. Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow February 

1992, Annual Spinal Cord Injury Research Symposium Alterations in corticospinal output following spinal cord injury in man.  Vancouver, B.C. October


Externally Awarded Grant, Contracts and Awards


(Ind)ividual or (Gr)oup[1]

Source and Title




Gr (PI)

Merz Pharma, Inc Case-series to determine whether Xeomin modifies gait kinematics in stroke as detected by wearable sensors




Gr (Co-PI)

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Ontario consortium for the development of online graduate professional skills modules (




Gr (PI)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Biomechanical, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory costs of stair negotiation in healthy individuals and persons with stroke




Gr (Co-I)

Craig H Neilsen Foundation From Research to Clinic: Translation of Functional MRI of the Human Spinal Cord (spinal fMRI)  


$275,000 USD


Gr (Co-PI)

Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Efficacy of physical therapy intervention for the early treatment of acute ankle sprains identified in emergency departments: an RCT

Clinical Trial



Gr (Co-I)

CIHR Does diabetes mellitus-induced vestibular system dysfunction contribute to higher prevalence of balance and mobility impairment in community-dwelling diabetic elderly?

Pilot project

$ 45,965


Gr (Co-I)

J.P. Bickell Foundation Diabetes, vestibular dysfunction and balance




Gr (Co-I)

Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Association Measuring objective changes in physical, psychological and radiographic status of patients awaiting hip or knee replacement surgery




Gr (PI)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Client-centered tune-ups: do they enhance physical capacity, mobility function and community reintegration after stroke?




Gr (Co-PI)

CIHR Measuring objective changes in physical, psychological and radiographic status of patients awaiting hip or knee replacement surgery




Gr (PI)

CIHR Timely and effective clinical management of soft tissue injuries: A team approach to acute care and rehabilitation

Team Development



Gr (Co-PI)

CIHR Testing a new model of dynamic stability: a multi-site project to identify fall risk

Pilot project



Gr (PI)

Allergan Inc The effects of botulinum toxin a (btx-a) on plantarflexor spasticity, stiffness and gait in chronic stroke


$85,000 USD


Gr (PI)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Does mental practice promote cortical reorganization and improve hand function?              




Gr (PI)

Canada Foundation for Innovation An integrated rehabilitation science laboratory for the evaluation, rehabilitation and restoration of function




Gr (PI)

Ontario Innovation Trust An integrated rehabilitation science laboratory for the evaluation, rehabilitation and restoration of function




Gr (co-PI)

Reseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaption et Readaptation (REPAR) Relations entre la recuperation fonctionelle et la reorganization Cerebrale




Gr (Co-I)

Change Foundation Mushkegowuk Territory –Community Rehabilitation Aides Project




Gr (Co-I)

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Interdisciplinary approach to fall prevention and risk reduction in older adults




Gr (PI)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Is central inhibition altered following stroke and does it relate to function?




Gr (PI)

Work and Safety Insurance Board Ontario Development of a tool to evaluate cumulative trauma disorders (CTD)




Gr (Co-I)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Reducing disability in chronic stroke through physical conditioning      




Gr (PI)

Drummond Foundation A randomized control trial evaluating the effectiveness of two programs in reducing fear of falling and improving quality of life in community dwelling seniors




Gr (Co-I)

Neurotrauma Foundation Women with spinal cord injury: the impact of aging




Gr (Co-I)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Reducing disability in chronic stroke through physical conditioning




Gr (Co-I)

Canada Fitness and Lifestyle Association between physical and psychosocial variables in elderly at risk of falling




Gr (Co-I)

Heart and Stoke Foundation Ontario – Special Initiative Reducing disability in chronic stroke through physical conditioning





American Paralysis Foundation Convergence of descending volleys in spinal cord injury


$24,838 USD



Developmental Consulting Program (CP Ontario) The effectiveness of serial casting in cerebral palsy and idiopathic toe-walkers




Gr (PI)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario Does visual feedback enhance balance retraining following stroke?





Easter Seal Research Institute Do ankle muscles share common cortical inputs?





Global Upholstery Evaluation of ObusForme chairs – users’ satisfaction and pain relief





Atkinson Foundation Ankle pathomechanics in cerebral palsy the effect of heelcord lengthening





Rick Hansen Man in Motion Corticospinal reorganization following spinal cord injury in man





Myalgia Encephalomyelitis Kingston Motor evoked potentials in chronic fatigue syndrome





Easter Seal Research Institute Altered corticospinal projections in cerebral palsy





J.P. Bickell Foundation Central mechanisms of fatigue and postpolio syndrome





Ontario federation for Cerebral Palsy Altered cortical projections in cerebral palsy




[1] PI and co-PI role: inception of project, responsibility for grant writing, day-to-day running of project, and dissemination of findings. Co-I: substantial contribution to all aspects of the project particularly methodology, analysis and dissemination 

Awards and Honours

2010 - Ontario Rehabilitation Research Advisory Network Leadership Award (recognition of research contribution) 

2007 - Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award (Excellence in Teaching)

2004 - Nominated for the Rick Gallup Prize for Excellence in Research (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario)

1998 - Distinguished Visiting Scholar - Faculty of Science. University of Adelaide, Austra

1998 - Gordon and Jean Southam Fellowship, Association of Commonwealth Universities (United Kingdom)                     

1991 - Nomination for the Richmond Prize for Research in Cerebral Palsy, American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine


Significant University Administrative Committee Membership (last 10 years)

2012-18, 2019 - Provost’s Advisory Committee on Budget – Comprised of vice-principals, deans, shared services directors and faculty representatives to provide advice on the budget model to ensure it reflects transparent and appropriate incentives to stimulate revenue growth and efficiently and effectively attribute activity costs required to support the academic enterprise. Review budget submissions from faculties, schools and shared service units and advise on resource allocation as part of annual budget process. 

2011-18, 2019 - Provost’s Management Committee (aka Provost and Deans Group) – Monthly meetings to deliberate issues, strategies and policies that affect the university, with a primary focus on academic operations.

2011-18, 2019 - Strategic Enrolment Management Group – Comprised of all deans as well as faculty, staff and student representatives to assist the university in establishing, achieving and maintaining optimum enrolment along with program mix and quality. This includes oversight of graduate and undergraduate enrolment management planning and policy. 

2010-18 - Graduate Executive Council (Chair) – Comprised of the associate deans of the School of Graduate Studies and of the Faculties/Schools, the Chairs of the Faculty Graduate Councils and graduate student representatives to review and develop policies, processes and best practices in matters related but not limited to: admissions standards for graduate studies, graduate degree requirements, progress through graduate degrees, completion of degree requirements, appeals of graduate students. Also reviews proposals for new programs and makes recommendations to Senate.

2017 - Graduate Enrolment Task Force (Chair) – Comprised of all Faculty associate deans (graduate studies) as well as faculty, staff and student representatives to conduct a comprehensive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis and make recommendations to the Provost to inform strategic enrolment planning.

2015-16 - Review of the Senate Advisory Research Committee, SARC (Chair) – Establish a representative review committee to advise on the composition, mandate, and functions of SARC as the primary advisory body on research-related strategy, policy development and review, and university research initiatives. 

2010-18 - Numerous Appointment Committees for senior leadership positions including Dean searches (Faculties of Law, Education, Health Sciences, Arts & Science, Student Affairs, and Engineering & Applied Science), Provost searches and Vice-Principal searches (VP Research, VP Advancement).

Scholarly and Professional Activities (key activities over last 10 years)

2019 - Quality Assurance Process Audit, University of Victoria (Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, BC)                      

2018 - Review of the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies, University of British Columbia   

2014-2018 - Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance.  Decanal delegate from the  ON Council for Graduate Studies; responsibilities included the review of submissions from Ontario Universities for new undergraduate and graduate programs as well as major modifications to existing programs.

2017-18 - Council of Ontario Universities Highly Skilled Workforce Steering Committee Focus on the incorporation of experiential learning/training opportunities into undergraduate and graduate programs.

2017 - Review and evaluation of the Dean of Graduate Studies, Concordia University, QC

2017 - Fonds de Recherche du Quebec/Canada Foundation for Innovation Panel Chair   

2015 - Review of the Faculty of Graduate Studies – Dalhousie University, NS    

2014-2015 - Editorial Board Chair, Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. Report on the landscape of interdisciplinary graduate programs in Canada  

2011-2013 - Council of Graduate Studies (United States), Advisory Group member for Completion and Attrition in STEM Master’s Programs 

2004-2011 - Associate Editor, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation              

2010 - Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Institute of Aging; Scientific Review Committee for pilot projects in aging (IAP)

2009 - Evaluation Site Team, Rehabilitation Science program, University of Montreal (Conférence des Recteurs et des Principaux des Universités du Québec, CREPUQ)    

Recent Non-University Administrative Roles 

2017-19 - Past-President, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies

2015-17 - President, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies

2015-16 - Past-Chair, Ontario Council of Graduate Studies, Council of Ontario Universities

2014-15 - Chair, Ontario Council of Graduate Studies, Council of Ontario Universities