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Transform Your Legal Practice With AI

About the program

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The promise of AI is real, and is already having deep ramifications for how we practice law. This program is your opportunity to learn about AI from one of the visionaries in the field.

To gain an appreciation for AI's rapid evolution, you will simply see what AI can do for your practice today, but where it is headed tomorrow.

Included throughout are practical examples of AI in action from across the legal industry, including successful AI initiatives already in place at Fasken.

This program is part of the Analytics and Innovation for Legal Professionals series. Take any number of these programs or complete the full series.

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In this program you will:

  • Understand the principles of AI and how it can be applied across your organization
  • Learn how AI algorithms work
  • Learn about some of the leading AI solutions for law
  • Understand how AI and Blockchain can be combined together
  • Identify the barriers facing AI in law

Who should attend

This program is designed for anyone in the legal profession.

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This program has been certified by the Law Society of Ontario and is eligible for CPD professional development credits, across Canada. For participants outside of Ontario, we are happy to help with the application process for CPD credits. Please contact us at execed@queensu.ca for assistance.

Personal benefits

  • Build new skills needed for modernizing your practice
  • Optimize your personal productivity
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on low value-add activities
  • Improve your work-life balance

Organizational benefits

  • Determine highest ROI opportunities for AI
  • Streamline processes and remove bottlenecks
  • Drive cost reduction and / or cost avoidance
  • Create new revenue and value streams
  • Improve employee engagement

Program Content

Participants will discover current and future applications for artificial intelligence in the legal field.

Take a look under the hood by walking through an AI algorithm in detail, and identifying the various components involved in the future of decision-making.

Discover complementary technology, including how Blockchain and AI can be combined to create new possibilities for lawyers and clients alike.

To aid your implementation of new platforms and technologies, you'll discover which barriers currently face AI in law along with strategies to remove them. Finally, you will learn about the ethical considerations raised by AI, and how these will be addressed going forward.

Session Leaders

Our session leader combines deep industry expertise with excellent teaching skills – able to cut through jargon and translate complex topics into accessible, practical concepts.

Mark Bowman is an Associate at Fasken’s Toronto office where he works on legal artificial intelligence and Blockchain initiatives for the firm, and is the founder of Meese AI, a technology company specializing in developing legal technology using artificial intelligence.

Mark has been developing legal technology for the past seven years, and spent a semester of law school as a Visiting Researcher at Stanford University’s CodeX Center.

Mark has been a practising lawyer at Fasken for five years, where he has developed a broad corporate/commercial practice with an expertise in technology transactions and other technology legal issues.

Mark is a licensed Professional Software Engineer, with over ten years of experience building enterprise software systems, as well as an experienced project manager, with five years as a certified PMP.

Robert is the Chief Innovation Officer at Fasken. He is responsible for transforming firm operations by pinpointing the products, process improvements and business model changes that will best position Fasken for future success.

Robert has led major business transformation projects and held senior positions at McKinsey, Microsoft, Workbrain Corporation, Blockbuster Canada and Info-Tech Research Group.

Robert holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Harvard University and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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