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Foundations of Sales Leadership

Essential training for new and aspiring sales leaders

About the program

New sales managers don’t just face a 10-fold increase in job scope in their first day - they also face a rapidly changing business world that compounds the challenge of deciding where to focus and how to gain real control over their sales space. As a result, more than half of all sales reps promoted to management return to frontline sales within two years.

This program is all about breaking this avoidable pattern.

In just three half-day sessions:

Queen’s Foundations of Sales Leadership gives new and aspiring sales leaders with a powerful management model, which includes the tools, practices and learning experience they need to own, control and lead in a fast-changing sales world.

The program includes three core modules:

  • Driving Sales Productivity – Ensuring sales leader and team operate with the structure and discipline to drive measurable results.
  • Coaching Sales People – Equipping sales leaders with the coaching perspective and skills to manage team members through pivotal moments with customers and internal sales partners.
  • Fostering Successful Sales Culture – With the context of selling in highly uncertain times, giving sales leaders essential knowledge and skills to build and maintain healthy team dynamics.

Delivered in a live, online format:

  • The program offers participants a highly interactive learning experience
  • Expert facilitators use real-life cases and role-playing to maximize learning value
  • The program culminates in a live online competition to test, reinforce and reward participant retention of key learning points from across the three core modules

Who should attend

  • New sales leaders in their first years managing a sales team
  • Experienced professional sellers, aspiring to move into a sales leadership role
  • Sales operations professionals and internal sales partners looking to deepen their ability to work with and support the core sales organization
  • Any sales leader looking to raise their level of self-sufficiency and control over their Sales environment

Personal benefits

Increase your confidence, awareness and control in leading sales teams. You will:

  • Understand how to lead sales from a position of strength and control
  • Set your own sales management model, cadence and calendar to orchestrate a team
  • Understand the most important sales KPIs and how to apply them with a team
  • Acquire essential coaching practices and join live role-plays to hone your sales coaching skills
  • Understand the key drivers of stress and burnout in sales teams and how to manage them


Organizational benefits

Increase sales leader self-sufficiency and effectiveness in leading sales teams. Organizations will experience:

  • Reduced risk of failure for new sales leaders after promotion
  • Faster integration of new sales leaders into the overall sales management system
  • Reduced workload on sales Directors and Executives related to coaching new sales leaders
  • Earlier detection and mitigation of business problems at the frontline of sales leadership
  • Faster, more systematic focus and action on sales KPIs at the individual and team level
  • Reduced risk of losing high-potential sales professionals ready for promotion

Program content

The program is built around three key modules:

Driving Sales Productivity

  • Face the limited scope of what sales leaders really control
  • Structure a powerful sales cadence to maximize sales
  • Go beyond CRM to use KPIs to drive timely sales visibility and action
  • Develop and harness your sales ecosystem for step-changes in growth

Coaching Sales People

  • Learn how to develop sales people across the sales cycle
  • Understand how to assess sales competency gaps and training needs
  • Enhance skills in detecting and exiting poor sales performers
  • Sharpen your skills for high-impact, real-time coaching
Fostering a Healthy Sales Culture
  • Understand the forces and dynamics that drive successful sales culture
  • Benefit from the latest research on the relationship between stress, burn-out and performance specific to sales organizations
  • Learn and practice critical sales leadership tactics to manage sales teams and individual sales professionals through difficult, uncertain times

Session Leaders

Queen’s Executive Education programs rely on faculty from Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business, executive education partner HEC Montreal, as well as domain experts from industry. Our teachers come with deep expertise and are constantly in touch with today’s business world and research to formulate the best-fit education for each program.

As a Queen’s alumni with over 25 years leading strategy, marketing and sales performance analytics, Michael works with participants in Module 1, Driving Sales Productivity. His management experience spans technology-driven industries in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Michael led Sales Optimization and large-scale value creation projects for Bell Canada and headed Global Marketing for CGI, where he led the transformation of marketing and sales support functions on a global scale. He has an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, Western University, an Honours B.A. in Economics from Queen’s and a Diploma in International Business from the Stockholm School of Economics.

As Assistant Professor, HEC Montreal, specialized in salesforce effectiveness, Bruno brings academic and industry sales management experience to work with program participants in Module 3, Fostering Successful Sales Culture. Author of several management journal articles, Bruno has a Ph.D., Marketing from Université Grenoble Alpes, an MBA, Management/ Marketing from Université Laval and a B.Sc., Exercise Science from Concordia University.

Katie Parks

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