2-Day Program

Essentials of Neuroscience for Marketers

Separate science from fiction. Learn how to effectively source and apply neuromarketing services.

About the program

Neuroscience is the next great transformation in marketing, fundamentally changing how we understand and engage with consumers. As the influence of neuroscience rapidly grows, marketers need to remain educated and aware of what this exciting new technology can and can't do, and how it should and shouldn't be used.

This new Queen’s Executive Education program gives marketing leaders knowledge and practices to assess and advance the use of neuromarketing services for their business. Participants learn how the brain works and how neuroscience technologies are applied to marketing practices.

Delivered in partnership with the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, the global leader in consumer neuroscience research services, the program draws on the latest research, real-world cases and hands-on technology demonstrations. It equips participants with facts and experience to support their organization in sourcing and applying neuroscience services as part of their marketing strategies.

What you will learn:

  • The structure of the human brain and how it works
  • How technologies like eye-tracking, biometrics, EEG and functional MRI (fMRI) work and are applied to marketing
  • How to properly structure neuromarketing experiments
  • How to manage consumer protection and ethical considerations
  • How to choose a qualified neuroscience service provider

In addition to the knowledge and skills gained in the core session, participants develop an individualized plan to support their organization in understanding and applying neuroscience services to marketing.

Who should attend

  • Marketing leaders looking to stay current on how technology is impacting marketing
  • Agency professionals
  • Market researchers
  • Professionals assessing and sourcing neuroscience services for their organization

Note: No neuroscience education or experience is required. This program is designed for anyone with an interest in neuroscience and its application to marketing.

Personal benefits

  • Improve current marketing practices with a deeper understanding of the brain
  • Gain practical knowledge of neuromarketing to share and influence marketing decisions
  • Acquire foundational knowledge of neuroscience to help your company consider, evaluate and use neuroscience services
  • Gain immersive, hands-on experience with neuroscience technologies to more easily explain and support neuromarketing initiatives across your organization
  • Build your skills to constructively challenge and guide executive interest in neuromarketing
  • Equip yourself to effectively source and manage neuromarketing services

Organizational benefits

  • Acquire new knowledge and skills to improve the return on neuromarketing investments
  • Help your organization balance interest in neuromarketing with awareness of its risks
  • Save time, resources and costs lost in rushed or poorly constructed neuromarketing initiatives
  • Immerse high potential marketing leaders in the latest technologies and practices
  • Avoid sourcing neuromarketing services in the market from unqualified vendors
  • Connect with leading academic researchers and private sector practitioners of neuromarketing
  • Build a network of like-minded, interested marketing practitioners to support sound, ethical use of neuroscience

Program content

The program uses a combination of research, case studies and hands-on technology experiments to create a memorable, practical learning experience that can be applied as soon as participants are back at work.

In this highly interactive program, participants have the opportunity to engage session leaders and brain researchers with questions throughout the two-day session.

The Brain and How It Works:

  • Invaluable to any marketing task, learn how the brain works and reacts to marketing stimuli.

Neuroscience and Marketing Today:

  • Anchor your understanding of how neuroscience works and how valid studies are conducted. Improve your ability to separate neuroscience fact from fiction.

Neuroscience Technology Tour

  • Take a practical hands-on tour of neuroscience technologies and real-world use cases to understand how they are applied to current marketing practices. Technologies covered in the two-day session include eye-tracking, biometrics, EEG and FMRI.

Ethics and Neuromarketing Services:

  • Understand the ethical issues and regulatory developments related to the use of neuroscience for marketing purposes. Learn effective practices for evaluating and sourcing neuroscience services from the private sector.

Neuromarketing Action Plan

  • Apply lessons learned throughout the two-day program to design a personalized action to create awareness, understanding and decision-making that supports the responsible use of neuroscience.

The program is delivered in partnership by Queen’s Executive Education, the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University, and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience.

Session leaders, facilitators and the support team for the two-day session are all practicing neuroscientists.

Taught by neuroscientists
Enjoy spending two days exploring neuromarketing in a fun, open environment supported by these neuroscientists from Queen’s Centre for Neuroscience Studies

As Executive Education lead for the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University, Susan is our program champion and a passionate advocate for the responsible and ethical use of neuroscience in public and private sectors. Susan has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, and 15 years of neuroscience research experience.

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