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Leading Hybrid Teams - Virtual
4 Instructional Hours

Leading Hybrid Teams - Virtual

Achieving high performance in the modern workplace

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Leading Hybrid Teams - Virtual

About the program

The nature of collaborative work was forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes extend well beyond where team members sit and how they communicate. Managers require a whole new set of skills to lead in the modern workplace.

Leading Hybrid Teams is a 4-hour program designed to provide you with skills, tools and strategies to build trust, ensure positive culture and sustain high performance under flexible working arrangements.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The key challenges that leaders face when managing virtual and hybrid teams, including structural and social challenges that can result in teams not performing to their potential
  • How to create optimized team working models for virtual and hybrid teams
  • How to more effectively collaborate in hybrid teams to enhance team productivity and employee well-being
  • Ways of effectively building and sustaining trust in hybrid teams, enabling employees to bond across diversity and distance
  • Ways to sustain your organizational culture and engagement despite your team being dispersed

Upon completion of this program, you will have both the knowledge and practical skills necessary to lead your team to achieve great things, whether they work from home, the office or anywhere in between.

This program is designated an approved recertification program by the HRPA.

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A Recognized Symbol of Excellence

Participants who complete the program earn the Leading Hybrid Teams - Virtual digital badge credential.

Personal Benefits

  • Understand the challenges of leading teams that aren’t physically co-located, including unique considerations for fully virtual and hybrid arrangements
  • Learn proven collaboration strategies and tools you can implement to create more consistent hybrid team success
  • Discover how to consistently build team trust throughout a hybrid team
  • Master strategies to effectively communicate with your hybrid team to maximize your employees’ engagement and productivity
  • Choose virtual collaboration tools that ensure effective contribution from both in-person and virtual employees
  • Break down silos and reduce status differences that often emerge in varied work arrangements

Organizational benefits

  • Improve employee productivity and increase efficiency of virtual and hybrid team projects and workflow
  • Bolster employees’ identity within the team and greater organization, including building a stronger shared purpose and maintaining organizational culture alignment
  • Reduce employee disengagement, stress, and feelings of social isolation that can emerge within remote and flexible work arrangements
  • Become an employer of choice that supports flexible work arrangements, able to attract and retain top talent regardless of location

The program covers the following curriculum:

  • The key challenges that leaders face when managing hybrid and virtual teams
  • Common factors that cause hybrid teams to underperform relative to their potential
  • Principles of how to consistently design effective hybrid or virtual teams, and lead them to achieve big results
  • Ways to keep your projects and workflow on track through employee empowerment and communication
  • How to build and maintain trust between team members and management
  • How to maintain social bonds and a positive culture despite varied levels of distance between team members
  • A toolkit of collaboration technologies and tools you need to succeed

Dynamic Virtual Classroom

Participate in the program from anywhere. Our online learning platform combines live, interactive video instruction with breakout sessions, panel discussions, and expert Q&A.

Our learning platform is fully encrypted, allowing you to connect securely from home, office or anywhere in between.

Virtual programs are designed to fit within your schedule, allowing you to learn new skills and immediately put them to work.

Please note: Our Executive Education Virtual Classroom leverages Zoom for content delivery and participation collaboration. Please consult with your IT administrator if you have any concerns about platform access or setup requirements.

Session Leaders

Session leaders include senior professors from Smith School of Business and knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience, Board memberships and their own consulting practices.

Session leaders include senior professors from Smith School of Business and knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience, Board memberships and their own consulting practices.

Dr. Raver is an Associate Professor and E. Marie Shantz Faculty Fellow in Organizational Behaviour at Smith School of Business, and is also cross-appointed to the Department of Psychology. She is an authority on interpersonal relations and group processes at work, with a specific emphasis upon the ways in which employees support each other and build high-performance environments (e.g., helping, promoting learning) versus engage in counterproductive actions that undermine each other (e.g., harassment, bullying, relationship conflicts).

Professor Raver's scholarship in this area has been internationally recognized through best paper awards from the Academy of Management and from the International Association of Conflict Management (IACM), and her work on these topics has been published in prestigious outlets including the Academy of Management Journal and the Academy of Management Review. A second area of Professor Raver's expertise pertains to workplace diversity and cultural differences, where her current focus is on the integration of diverse or dissimilar employees into work groups and organizations. Her work has also included cross-cultural investigations of conflict processes and societal control systems. Her scholarship in this domain has also earned awards, including the Outstanding Article Award from IACM, and has been published in the Journal of Applied PsychologyHuman Resource Management Review, and in several book chapters. Professor Raver has worked with a number of organizations from both the private and public sectors in the U.S. and Canada. She is also regularly invited to speak about building positive organizational cultures, teams, workplace harassment, conflict, and diversity to associations of academics, policy makers, and employees. Her work has been profiled in media outlets including The Globe & Mail, the National Post, and the Chicago Tribune.  Professor Raver teaches courses in human resource management, organizational behaviour, and group processes that span academic programs (Commerce, MBA, MSc, PhD). She is also actively involved in professional service, including serving on the Editorial Board of Negotiation and Conflict Management Journal and acting as an ad-hoc reviewer for numerous top-tier journals.

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