Managing Challenging Conversations from a Distance
3.5 Instructional Hours

Managing Challenging Conversations from a Distance

Delivering effective feedback while working remotely

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Managing Challenging Conversations from a Distance

About the program

Delivering corrective feedback or confronting team members on performance issues is tough enough face-to-face. Being remote adds an additional layer of complexity, which can lead to avoidance and letting issues fester.

In this highly practical half-day program, you will explore the principles of effective feedback and productive confronting, and learn a set of skills that you can use to have challenging conversations remotely in a way that minimizes defensiveness and delivers positive results.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to deliver corrective feedback in work-from-home settings
  • How to maintain openness to change
  • Methods of minimizing your own emotional reactions

You will leave with a set of highly practical skills that you can immediately put to use in the current environment, but equally in traditional office settings.

Who should attend

This program is designed for anyone in a management role, including those new to managing within virtual / work-from-home settings, as well as leaders hoping to boost performance within established virtual teams.

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Personal benefits

This program will help you become better at one of the most challenging parts of a being a leader. You will leave with:

  • A stronger mental model of how to approach challenging conversations
  • More confidence in your ability to resolve performance issues remotely
  • Fewer reasons to delay difficult conversations

Organizational benefits

Organizations will benefit from facilitating their leaders' development. They will:

  • See quicker resolution of potentially high stakes situations
  • Have fewer issues that fester and drain productivity and morale
  • Have fewer people under-performing in ways that they are unaware of
  • See organizational flashpoints dealt with in a productive way with greater frequency

The program covers the following curriculum:

  • How to effectively deliver corrective feedback when you are remote
  • How to avoid the four traps that can trigger defensiveness rather than reflection and openness to change
  • A practical map for confronting issues in a way that is direct but focused on development and preserving the relationship
  • How to deliver an opening statement that will minimize defensiveness and promote open exploration of challenges
  • How to move through the resistance that is part of a challenging conversation – and how resistance can show up differently when remote
  • How to move to resolution and accountability
  • How to prepare yourself to minimize your own emotional reactivity

Dynamic Remote Learning

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Session Leaders & Speakers

Session leaders include knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience, Board memberships and their own consulting practices.

Garry Watanabe started out his career as a lawyer and spent five years developing his corporate experience in the competitive world of law. During this time Garry came to realize that his passion for coaching and developing others was overtaking his desire to be a lawyer. This passion drove Garry to obtain his Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology and seek out coaching opportunities. Garry spent the next ten years as a national level coach, first directing programs at Carleton University and then heading to Southern California to coach in the most competitive swimming environment in North America. He now focuses on applying the principles of coaching, mental fitness, and challenging conversations to a wider range of performers in his work with Third Factor.

Upcoming Sessions

Session Date Aug 19, 2021 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT
Location Remote Learning
Program Fees $650 CAD (plus applicable taxes)
Session Date Nov 10, 2021 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST
Location Remote Learning
Program Fees $650 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

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