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Principles of AI Implementation

Protect your AI strategy from unintended risk

About the program

While the opportunities for AI are vast, the negative impact of a poorly executed AI strategy cannot be overstated.

How do you prevent human biases from becoming codified? How is user data safeguarded? What is the greater societal impact of your AI program?

Principles of AI Implementation is offered in collaboration between Smith School of Business and IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, and its Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

Through a series of online modules, engaging lectures, class discussions and real-world business case studies, you will learn how to embed ethical design principles and trust-based considerations into your AI-enabled applications and processes.

Earn a Certificate from the Global Experts in Artificial Intelligence

Participants receive a certificate of achievement in "Principles of AI Implementation" from Smith School of Business, demonstrating completion of all online and in-class course requirements and your commitment to values-based AI implementation.

What you will learn:

  • IEEE’s Guiding Principles For Ethically Aligned AI: Explore the critical considerations for values-based design, development and implementation of AI systems and applications.
  • Decision-Making with Analytics: Learn how to harness the power of analytics to make better business decisions, and ensure transparency, explainability, and easy interpretation of autonomous choices and actions.
  • Canadian Information and Privacy Regulations: Review the current regulatory landscape governing corporate AI use, including implications for your current and future AI strategy.
  • New Research, Technologies and Best Practices: Discover the latest research in AI transparency, model explainability and ethical AI implementations through case studies with industry experts.

Who should attend:

This program is designed for all levels of the technical organization (management, executive or governance) from any industry or sector. Content is applicable to all stages of AI implementation, from planning and development to optimization of existing AI applications.


By attending this program, you will gain a thorough appreciation for the ethical and trust issues inherent in AI systems, and their associated risks to organizations developing autonomous systems.

You will leave the program ready to mitigate ethical risk within your organization, through thoughtful application of the latest IEEE guidelines for ethically aligned AI design, including responsible innovation, data protection, decision transparency and accountability, legal considerations for enterprise AI and more.

Additionally, networking opportunities and group discussions will enable you to strengthen your professional network, establishing relationships with AI decision-makers and practitioners from across industries and sectors.

Program content

Pre-Program – Online

Explore the guiding principles of IEEE’s AI & Ethics in Design. Learn at your own pace via convenient online modules. Topics include Responsible Innovation in the Age of AI, Data Protection & Safety, Economic Advantage of Ethical Design, Legal Issues and more.

In-Person Program – Toronto

  • Review and discuss key takeaways from IEEE’s AI Ethics & Design, including implications for your corporate AI initiatives.
  • Learn to harness analytics to make better business decisions, while ensuring that data-driven choices and actions are transparent, explainable and easily interpreted.
  • Gain an overview of the latest Canadian information and privacy regulations governing corporate use of customer data and AI.
  • Explore the latest research, technology and best practices in AI model explainability, transparency and ethical AI implementations.
  • Consider the future of ethics, enterprise and work through facilitated class discussion.

Session Leaders

Session leaders include AI experts from Smith School of Business, IEEE and private industry. In additional to exceptional teaching abilities, they have deep technical knowledge and firsthand experience with corporate AI practices and the regulatory environment for Canadian businesses.

John C. Havens is Executive Director of The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems that has two primary outputs – the creation and iteration of a body of work known as Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and the recommendation of ideas for Standards Projects focused on prioritizing ethical considerations in A/IS. Currently there are fifteen approved Standards Working Groups in the IEEE P7000™ series.

Previously, John was an EVP of Social Media at PR firm, Porter Novelli and a professional actor for over 15 years. John has written for Mashable and The Guardian and is author of the books, Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity To Maximize Machines and Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World.

Pavel is a Partner & Head of Data Science Consulting Practice for IBM Canada, based out of Toronto. He leads a technology agnostic growing global practice of data strategists, scientists, meta-data & AI model managers, designers, ethicists, hybrid cloud platform architects & software engineers.

He is frequently engaged by Fortune 500 digital transformation executives (both central and federated stakeholders) in financial, natural resources and telecom sectors to co-create data informed enterprise that leverages its information to make higher quality decisions and interventions.

In addition to his role at IBM, Pavel is an affiliated researcher & lecturer at Queen’s Smith School of Business focusing on "Ethically Aligned Digital Transformation” to enable Scaling of Ethical AI, Data Monetization and Self-Regulation related initiatives. Pavel regularly speaks at global conferences, advises venture capital firms and supports digital economic development government agencies.

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