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MMAI 847

AI Capstone

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

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Call for Project Partners

The AI Capstone Project is an opportunity for your organization to access some of Canada’s newest and best machine learning and artificial intelligence talent. Student teams will work to solve a business challenge within your organization by using analytics approaches covered within the program to develop a ‘proof-of-concept’ solution.

Process & Timeline

Dec - Jan

Complete a project proposal

  • Interested organizations are asked to submit an online project proposal.
  • Projects will be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Director.

Projects are assigned using a matching algorithm

  • Student teams and partner organizations will be matched using an algorithm that uses ranking input from both students and employers.
  • Partner organizations will have the opportunity to interview student teams prior to the ranking process.
  • Our Smith-built algorithm is designed to deliver the best possible match.
Mar - Apr

Finalize a project plan

  • Students team and partner organization will devise and agree to terms on a project plan that must be approved by the Faculty Director.
May - Sep

Project execution

  • Student teams will work on deliverables outlined in the project plan, communicating with the partner organization as needed.
  • Student teams will produce a ‘proof-of-concept’ solution to the identified business challenge and a final report detailing their work.

Partner Benefits

  • Access top AI and machine learning talent at Smith
  • Leverage student knowledge and expertise to solve organizational challenges
  • Receive a customized solution to a current business challenge
  • Strengthen relationships with Smith students and faculty
  • Elevate your organization's visibility at Smith
  • No financial commitment requirement from corporate partners

Partner Requirements

  • The organization must have a well-defined, business problem to solve with artificial intelligence or machine learning proof of concept.
  • The organization must have data for the student team to utilize (or publicly available data).
  • The organization must assign a dedicated person to liaise with the student team and meet on a regular basis (virtual or in-person).

Past projects have included:

  • Using alternate sources of data like news, tweets, and other internet data to predict market movements and assist traders for a top-tier Canadian bank. Their work was delivered direct to traders and implemented as part of a broader AI roadmap at the bank.
  • Using medical data to predict the clinical deterioration of patients admitted with COPD for a prominent Canadian hospital. This work has been used to detect at-risk patients earlier in the process, leading to better patient outcomes and hospital resource management.
  • Using years of historical purchasing data from a Canadian beverage company to better understand how customer’s bundle products and substitute products. This analysis was used to update pricing models, improve product logistics, and better serve customers across the country.

Ready to get involved?

Complete and submit the following project proposal. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Nick Gregg, Experiential Learning Advisor.

Briefly describe your organization and activities.

The problem or challenge that this project will seek to address.

Provide a description (3-5 sentences) of the proposed project as it relates to the problem or challenge.

What do you hope this project achieves? List any deliverables, goals and objectives.

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