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MIB 833

International Marketing

Master of International Business

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Call for Project Partners

The International Marketing Project is an opportunity for your organization to access some of Canada’s most diverse and innovative talent. Students will work in teams to produce unique international marketing plans that provide a customized solutions to an international business challenge facing your organization.

Process & Timeline

Sept 30

Complete a project proposal

  • Interested organizations are asked to submit an online project proposal by September 30th.
  • Projects will be reviewed and approved by the course instructor.

Develop a company case study

  • Partner organizations will collaborate with the faculty instructor and Smith support team to develop a case study that can be presented to the student teams.
Early Nov

Brief student teams on your business case

  • The partner organization will deliver a presentation to student teams outlining their business case – including background, case documents, and any available market research.
Nov - Dec

Project execution

  • Student teams will work to craft an international marketing plan that addresses the business needs of the partner organization.
  • At the project mid-point (Mid November) the partner organization will be available for a check-in to address any questions and provided any needed clarification to the student teams.
Early Dec

Final presentation

  • In a live presentation format, student teams will deliver their international marketing plans, outlining their research insights and recommendations, to the partner organization.

Partner Benefits

  • Access top talent from Smith's MIB program
  • Leverage student knowledge and expertise to receive five different customized solutions to an international marketing challenge facing your organization
  • Strengthen relationships with Smith students and faculty
  • Raise your organization's visibility at Smith
  • The project is a possible audition for career opportunity with the partner organization
  • No financial commitment requirement from corporate partners

Partner Requirements

  • The organization must have an available business case which requires an international marketing plan.
    • Scope: The marketing plan should be focused to a particular country or region.
    • Research: The expectation is for student teams to build their marketing plans based on market research which is (mostly) already available. Partner organizations must have market research available that they are willing to share with the student teams.
  • The partner organization must be prepared to present their business case, assign a dedicated person to liaise with student teams, and be available to hear final presentations and offer feedback.
  • The ideal partner organization would be a consumer-facing organization (B2C) and be a recognizable brand.

Past Project Example

Problem: Student teams worked with a global fast-food provider interested in launching a new sandwich in a lower-middle income country.

Partner support: Students were provided with a background and marketing research provided by the partner organization. Student teams had an introductory briefing session with representatives from the partner organization and had the opportunity to interact with a designated client representative along the way.

Deliverable: The project culminated with students completing a written report and presenting their recommendations to a panel comprising of senior marketing managers from the Canadian head office.

Ready to get involved?

Complete and submit the following project proposal. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Nick Gregg, Experiential Learning Advisor.

Briefly describe your organization and activities.

The problem or challenge that this project will seek to address.

Provide a description (3-5 sentences) of the proposed project as it relates to the problem or challenge.

What do you hope this project achieves? List any deliverables, goals and objectives.

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