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COMM 401

Strategy Report

Bachelor of Commerce

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Call for Project Partners

The Strategy Report Project is an opportunity for your organization to access some of Canada’s newest and most innovative talent. Students will work in teams to produce a unique strategy report, with high-quality analysis and recommendations, that addresses a business challenge facing your organization.

Process & Timeline


Complete a project proposal

  • Interested organizations are asked to submit an online project proposal by August 31st.
  • Projects will be reviewed and approved by the course instructor.

Brief student teams on the business case

  • The partner organization will deliver a presentation to student teams outlining their business case – including background, case documents, and any available research.
Oct - Nov

Project execution

  • Student teams will work to craft a strategy report and presentation that addresses the business needs of the partner organization.
  • At the project mid-point (late October) the partner organization will be available for a check-in to address any questions and provided any needed clarification to the student teams.
Nov - Dec

Project execution

  • In a live presentation format, student teams will deliver their strategy recommendations to the partner organization (12-15 minute presentations). The partner organization will also receive a written report detailing their findings and recommendations.

Partner Benefits

  • Access top talent from Smith's BCom program
  • Leverage student knowledge and expertise to receive a customized solution to a business challenge facing your organization
  • Strengthen relationships with Smith students and faculty
  • Raise your organization's visibility at Smith
  • The project is a possible audition for career opportunity with the partner orgranization
  • No financial commitment requirement from project partners

Partner Requirements

  • The organization must have a well-defined, strategic problem or challenge. These include company considerations of diversification into new markets which can come in the form of a new customer target market, new international market, or new industry. These can also include explorations into how companies can survive in the face of vast technological changes that may make certain industries less relevant.
  • The partner organization must be prepared to present their business case, assign a dedicated person to liaise with student teams, and be available to have employees participate in final presentations, offer feedback, and choose a winning team.
  • The partner organization should ensure that every student has equivalent access to information on the company, and that no student receives preferential access through employees.
  • The partner organizations should have financials publicly available or provide some provisionary financials for students to work with and build financial calculations and projections. Students will be responsible for doing their own outside research with the information the partner organization provides.

Past projects have included:

  • Providing recommendations on what additional services, product lines or positioning can be taken up to insulate against the threat of online retail and increase foot traffic to physical stores.
  • Devising a growth strategy for a premium wine company, including specific marketing actions and tactics regarding products, pricing, promotion, and distribution.
  • Providing recommendations for how a mid-market airline can position themselves and their offerings to become more relevant and increase brand loyalty among Millennial customers.
  • Devising a growth strategy for a luxury clothing brand that increases market share without alienating the current consumer base.

Ready to get involved?

Complete and submit the following project proposal. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Nick Gregg, Experiential Learning Advisor.

Briefly describe your organization and activities.

The problem or challenge that this project will seek to address.

Provide a description (3-5 sentences) of the proposed project as it relates to the problem or challenge.

What do you hope this project achieves? List any deliverables, goals and objectives.

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