70s recollections 1978

Karen Caskey

Karen Caskey, one of 53 women in the 1978 class of 160, consulted the diary she kept during her student days to share some of her recollections.

“Books cost a mint – $45 per semester,” read one entry. “Just finished calculus and accounting assignments – could have done it in one-third the time if I had a calculator. I do my homework in the Common Room, as it’s hard to concentrate with the clicking of typewriters.”

Elections were a frequent occurrence. Karen’s diary noted: “Decided to run for Commerce Senator for next year and had to campaign all last week and this week. I wasn’t going to campaign so much, but my worthy opponent, Nicol MacNicol, went all-out on the posters, so I had to follow suit.” Karen not only won that election, but was re-elected the following year.

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