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Smith partners with Mitacs to support businesses and non-profits through internships for students that focus on organizational innovation capabilities and strategies.

Supporting Businesses and Non-Profits Through Internships

In partnership with Mitacs, Smith School of Business participates in the Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program. Students complete a supervised project as a 4-month paid internship during which they gain valuable experience while the organization benefits from the strategic work accomplished. Internships can be extended up to 6 months, and can begin immediately once a partner organization and student submit a project proposal and have been approved by Mitacs.


“Through BSI, students will be able to contribute to Canada’s recovery and build skills that will be needed in the future. At the same time, the program supports small to medium-sized enterprises and not-for-profit organizations that need assistance to modify or pivot their operations to adapt to the new economic reality.”

John Hepburn
CEO and Scientific Director

About the BSI Program

Past Projects

More than 100 Smith students have helped organizations with projects including:

  • supporting local and national businesses and non-profits in their Covid-19 response by helping them pivot, generate new strategies, sell products and services more efficiently, and come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before.
  • working on an organization’s innovation activities, helping them improve their products, processes, or services.

Program Specifics

Funding Model & Student Compensation

Option 1: Hiring Undergrad Students

  • $10,000 Mitacs BSI project ($5000 funding from partner; $5000 matching funding from Mitacs)
  • Students receive $10,000 stipend over 4 months
  • $2500/month (undergrad) top up funding (optional) - All top up funds go directly to student stipend

Option 2: Hiring Graduate & Post-doctoral Students

  • $15,000 Mitacs BSI project ($7500 funding from partner; $7500 matching funding from Mitacs)
  • Student receives $13,500 stipend over 4 months
  • 10% project expenses (i.e. $1500) will be added to these projects
  • $3000/month top up (optional) - All funds go directly to student stipend

Applying for Funding

Process & Eligibility

Partner organizations must be one of the following:

  • A for-profit corporation in Canada
  • An incorporated not-for-profit (NFP) organization in Canada
    Eligible NFPs include: charities, economic development organizations, industry associations, social welfare organizations, health organizations, foundations, and research centres/institutes.
  • A municipality
  • A hospital

Commitments from partner organizations:

Details and Next steps:

Additional Details

For more information, please view the Mitacs BSI landing page.

For any further questions about the program, please contact the Smith Experiential Learning Team at

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