AJay Thakkar

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I wanted to transition to a business role from a technical role, and I was looking at the top MBA programs in Canada to develop my management skills. During my research, I saw that the Smith MBA program offers a unique team-based learning experience that mirrors the real-life work environment. As the teams are chosen based on cultural and academic diversity, it presents a unique opportunity to learn different perspectives to approaching a problem.

I got to know from my conversation with a few alumni that the Smith School of Business has a vibrant and highly responsive community that provides the much-needed support and networking. These aspects were essential for me in choosing the Smith MBA program. A piece of advice I can give to future applicants and my old self would be to not worry too much about the application process. Reach out to the application advisors, the student ambassadors, and alumni as early in the process as possible. They are incredibly supportive and honest. It will help you in building your application and take the stress away.

I found Smith MBA to be a right fit for me, and I am enjoying learning from and with such a diverse and inclusive group of people. My career goal is to become a product manager and a business leader in the tech industry. My focus during this MBA program is on learning business fundamentals and improving my communication skills to transition from a software developer to a product owner.

  • Hometown: Ahmedabad
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: IT/Software Development
  • Career Focus: Technology/Product Management
AJay Thakkar

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