ASamantha Caldwell

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

a large part of choosing Smith was because it’s my Alma Mater and I loved my academic experience during my undergrad. Beyond my personal connection to Queen’s, my first impression was that Smith has a great reputation for their full-time MBA program, a welcoming staff and a smooth application process. Specifically, the multi-facet coaching aspect and the one-year length were particularly appealing to me and important in my decision-making progress.

Post MBA, I want to remain in the Financial Services sector but transition functions within a financial services provider. A large part of going back to school for my MBA was to hone my business acumen and provide myself with greater career opportunities. So far into the program, I’ve been looking into the different banks’ rotational programs for MBA grads.

If I could give myself some tips and tricks a year ago, I would say catch up on your sleep now! Get ready for a busy year. Think about your post MBA goals so you can focus your intentions and energy during the program. You’ll have so many different clubs, presentations and elective options that are all tempting to attend but to be effective with time management, you should focus on one or two industries. You’ll be collaborating with a very international student body from diverse backgrounds which will be a large part of your learning, beyond your professors.

  • Hometown: Ottawa, ON
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Financial Services
  • Career Focus: Finance
ASamantha Caldwell

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