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Smith’s EDII strategy and action plan now live


Social activism and racist, homophobic attacks on campus spurred urgent calls to examine our own roles in perpetuating inequities and to address systemic racism and exclusion. Smith heeded the call. The school’s equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenization (EDII) task force created a strategy to advance system-wide and cultural changes at Smith.

The result: a strategy and action plan to drive change and create a more inclusive environment.

The strategy has six core dimensions: responsible conduct; accessible and inclusive student experience; teaching and learning; support, resources and capacity; research and thought leadership; and community.

Accountability is central to the plan. It includes metrics, targets and key performance indicators to benchmark and monitor progress.

“The work ahead of us is both challenging and vitally important,” says Interim Dean Brenda Brouwer. “We must eliminate forms of discrimination that have perpetuated inequities in our environment, curricula, research and administrative operations, and change attitudes that have disadvantaged many. Access, equity and inclusion are essential to our school’s future and to position our students to succeed as global citizens, role models and leaders.”

It takes a (global) village

The strategy builds on the work of students, staff, faculty and alumni who have devoted time and effort to advance equity, diversity, anti-racism and inclusion at Queen’s.

It also draws from past reports including the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity and Inclusion (PICRDI), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Final Report, and the recent Reform Smith proposal expressing the urgent need for accountability and action.

The strategy was finalized after a consultation process with the Smith community. The action plan will be updated annually to maintain momentum and build on gains made.

Ultimately, success will be determined by the impact of our actions in changing culture, attitudes and creating a strong sense of belonging, Brouwer says. “We are answerable to the community for the commitments we make. It is through the efforts of many and support of all that we will deliver on the plans and realize our goals.”

Read our EDII plan