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Posted By: Daphné Croteau on April 03, 2018

Daphne Croteau

I remember perfectly when I discovered Queen's Master of International Business program, here at Smith School of Business. It was the second semester of my first year of my bachelor program. At that time, looking for graduate programs seemed like the perfect incentive to maintain good grades. After hours and hours of research about all the business-related masters programs offered in Canada, I knew the ideal program needed to include an international experience combined with a practical focus and an experiential learning component. As a business student, I was also looking for a program that would enable me to use my previous marketing background. Surprisingly, not many international business programs offered actual international experience.

The Queen's Master of International Business at Smith School of Business, seemed like the perfect fit for my international career ambitions and the double degree with the MSc in Marketing Management at ESADE Business School, in Barcelona, Spain was the ideal addition to deepen my knowledge in the domain.

The idea of completing two master degrees in less than 24 months was exciting and scary at the same time. When I got accepted into the program, my expectations for what was to come were high, but this first year has completely exceeded what I thought it would be like. When looking at the different programs offered across the country, I was so determined to find the perfect academic-fit that I never really considered the community aspect of the programs. The network I have created of fellow students and professors in the program has made this year the most amazing of my student career and I am looking forward to continuing my global journey in Spain next year.

Daphne Croteau is a double degree student, who, as mentioned above will be completing the 2nd year of her degree in Barcelona next year. She has been an active member of the MIB community, serving as an integral part of our Student Executive for the winter term and will be representing the program at an international case competition in April as well.

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