Mathieu Despatie

Why did you choose the GDB program?

Following the completion of my second year of law school at Queen’s University, I decided to complete the GDB program. There were two factors that helped with this decision. Firstly, I felt that this program would allow me to broaden my knowledge of business and assist me in becoming a more successful lawyer. My increased understanding of business will allow me to provide better services to my future clients, but will also give me the expertise I need to successfully run my own law firm.

The second reason I chose the GDB was to broaden my career options. As a lawyer, I believe it will be an asset to have knowledge and experience in business. Be it working in corporate law, pursuing an MBA, or working in various fields, I now have more options as a result of the knowledge and skills that I developed while in the GDB program.

Post-Program plans

Immediately upon completion of the GDB program, I will complete my final year of law school at Queen’s and then begin my career as a lawyer. Throughout my time in the GDB program, I have realized how much I enjoy business and I am excited about the possibility to pursue my MBA in the near future.

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Ottawa
  • Undergraduate Degree: Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences