Juliana Assaly

Juliana Assaly ('19)

I was working at a culinary school called Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and quickly advancing in the business, but I felt that I still lacked important business knowledge. I looked at many programs, but I kept finding myself going back to the GDB because it sounded so unique and structured, and it covered everything that I felt was crucial to excelling in the workplace. I was a bit intimidated by the team-based approach, but I thought it would be a great experience and a good idea to push my boundaries - and did it ever!

Coming from a background in psychology and linguistics, the GDB was the perfect complement to my education and prepared me with both the soft and hard skills required to succeed in business. All of the courses covered crucial topics that are applicable to any workplace. It has allowed me to impress my colleagues in a professional environment, and also keep up in conversations with family and friends. I found the seminars particularly helpful because they covered everything from common business vernacular (UX, ROI, etc.) to how to craft a solid elevator pitch.

If you are considering taking the GDB program, just do it! I was so hesitant, but I have absolutely no regrets. Not only will you gain valuable and applicable information, you will make so many great memories and friends. I met two amazing people that will be bridesmaids at my wedding! Plus, it's a game-changer for your résumé and will open many doors in your future.

  • Undergraduate institution: University of Ottawa
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BAH Major in Psychology, Minor in Linguistics
  • Current Position: Corporate Manager at The Properties Group
AJuliana Assaly

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