Hannah Rehman

Hannah Rehman ('20)

After finishing my undergrad degree in kinesiology, I was considering a couple of grad school options, including a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. OT and PT were traditionally the paths taken by those with my degree, but when I had the chance to slow down last spring, I was able to really think about where my skills would be best suited. I had also always been curious about the opportunities that a business education could provide. I had friends who had completed the GDB the previous year and had heard nothing but good things about the program. When COVID-19 hit, I weighed my options and thought it might be something worth looking into. Ultimately what I wanted to get out of a career was to help people, and after weighing my options, I realized that I didn’t need to be in a clinical role to do that. Participating in the GDB changed the way I think and approach problems. I have a passion for health, equity, and diversity, and the combination of those passions and the business skills I’ve gained from the GDB have allowed me to pursue a new career path that I had never thought I’d be able to do!

Since completing GDB, I’ve come to realize the importance of working in teams outside of school. The idea of having designated roles and dividing coursework in a structured way is something I’ve been able apply while working with an international team as I complete my current master’s degree. What you learn in the GDB is applicable to any group environment. It helps you develop the confidence to be able to participate in, and manage, an effective team. My newfound business acumen combined with my established interests in equity, diversity and health will hopefully allow me to bring forth a fresh perspective as an incoming associate consultant at PwC.

Do your research and make sure that you’re up for the challenge of a very busy summer! Have a direction that you hope to take after the program, as it’s more tangible than you think! The program completely changes the way you think about yourself, working in teams, and the world in general, so make sure you’re prepared to be all-in.

  • Undergraduate institution: Queen’s University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BScH Specialization in Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Current Position: : MSc Candidate in Global Health at McMaster University; will be starting as a Management Consulting Associate with PwC in September 2021
AHannah Rehman

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