2 Instructional Hours

Interrupting Bias

Becoming an inclusive leader

About the program

Within virtually every organization, there is a desire to increase inclusion and diversity - both for the strength derived from embracing differences and because it's simply the right thing to do.

Success in these endeavours requires more than implementing strategies and policies. We must first address the unconscious biases inherent in human nature that leaders use as the basis for decisions and actions within the workplace.

This instructor-led 2-hour program draws on Catalyst’s global expertise on inclusive workplaces. You'll explore the latest research on why employees, managers, and leaders make the choices they do along with the consequences to your business. Then, you'll discover actions you can take to be intentional and inclusive in your leadership style in order to foster an inclusive workplace with improved innovation and team citizenship.

In this program you will learn:

  • Awareness: Discover your implicit preferences based on unconscious positive and negative associations
  • Acceptance: Learn how stereotypes and unconscious bias influence your perceptions and actions
  • Attention: Explore how bias impacts the way you perceive and interact with others, while considering the larger implications for the organization and its talent decisions
  • Action: Master strategies to mitigate these biases, reinforce a culture of inclusion, and positively impact business results

Who should attend:

This program is designed for managers and executives involved in hiring decisions, leading teams or strategic planning projects.


By attending this program, participants will gain insight into biases and mental associations that unconsciously impact their decisions and actions.

You will gain an appreciation for how bias can influence choices and drive behaviours that negatively impact individuals and the organization's ability to fully leverage its talent.

You will learn strategies to mitigate the impact of bias and hold yourself (and the organization) accountable going forward, returning to work with a personal inclusive leadership strategy designed to help you put new insights and strategies into action.

Program content

Pre-Program – Online

Implicit Association Test and Survey: Begin your exploration into how implicit associations and assumptions impact you as an individual, and how these hidden factors influence your choices and actions in the workplace.

Live Session of Program - Dynamic Remote Learning

  • Develop awareness of how mental models influence our perceptions.
  • Explore our defensive reaction to bias through discussion of Implicit Association Test experiences.
  • Gain an appreciation for how bias, if left unchecked, can influence our attitudes about a person or group and our subsequent behaviours and actions.
  • Explore confirmation bias and the dangers of "trusting your gut".
  • Learn to spot bias in the way you identify and develop talent.
  • Learn the Inclusive Leadership Behaviour framework, including strategies to mitigate the impact of bias by promoting inclusive behaviours and intentional action.
  • Craft your personal inclusive leadership strategy.

Session Leaders

Session leader includes a knowledgeable expert from industry. This outstanding teacher is constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience and their own consulting practices.

Tanya van Biesen is Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, the leading global nonprofit working to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion. In this capacity, Tanya is responsible for leading the growth of Catalyst’s operations in Canada, shaping strategies to advance Catalyst’s mission with supporters, corporate partners, professional organizations, CEOs, senior leaders, and stakeholders.

A recognized leader and influencer with deep experience in the executive search sector at the most senior levels of corporate Canada, Tanya brings more than two decades of corporate leadership and diversity experience to Catalyst. Most recently, she co-led the Financial Services Practice at Spencer Stuart and was a key member of the Canadian Boards Practice, focusing on executive search assignments at the board, CEO, and general management levels. She also led the firm’s Canadian Diversity Practice, specializing in the placement of chief diversity officers and diverse slates of candidates across all search assignments.

Tanya began her career at Procter & Gamble, working in both Toronto and Calgary in regional and national sales leadership roles. She currently serves as the Toronto chapter representative for WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation, a global membership organization and community of women corporate directors dedicated to accelerating best practices in corporate governance.

A sought-after speaker on the topic of diversity in the boardroom, Tanya has contributed to several research studies and articles analyzing leadership trends and attributes. She holds an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University, and speaks English, French, and Dutch.

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